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The "Me" in Men: Male self-love
By: Educator Andy Duran - 05/04/2023
This one's for the fellas out there!
Flirting with Squirting 💦
By: Good Vibrations - 04/28/2023
You are now entering the splash zone. Grab your towels and prepare to get soaked! We're talking about squirting, sometimes referred to as “female” ejaculation (though no need to gender it).
Period Sex 101 
By: Lisa Finn - 04/21/2023
For a lot of folks, menstrual cycles are a regular part of life- coming and going every 28-ish days in cycles that can often last anywhere from 3-8 days
CBD & Sexual Wellness
By: Good Vibrations - 04/15/2023
If you’ve strolled past a pharmacy, browsed online skincare, or even been to a coffee shop in the past few years, you’ve probably seen these three letters floating around a lot.
Get Down with Going Down
By: Lisa Finn - 03/08/2023
We’ve got the tips to have you eating out like a pro. The first tip – and the most important one when it comes to any kind of play – is to communicate!
Party of Three: Threesome 101
By: Carol Queen, PhD - 03/01/2023
It’s one of the most common fantasies there is, a fabulous sexual experience when the stars align, and reallllly not so great when things don’t click. Yep, it’s a threesome, also known as a ménage à trois.
Heads Up: Blowjob 101
By: Lisa Finn - 02/17/2023
When it comes to mind-blowing blowjobs, it's a lot more than just how well you can use your mouth. Great oral sex involves not only your lips and tongue, but can also incorporate hands and toys, and most importantly ...communication. 
Make A Splash: Shower Sex
By: Lisa Finn - 02/10/2023
When it comes to popular places to have sex other than the bedroom, sex in the shower (or bath) has been reported to top the list (alongside getting busy in the backseat
Out & About: Public Play
By: Good Vibrations - 02/03/2023
It's a really common fantasy--sneaking a quickie when you're out and about. You can make it come true, too--if you consider a few important things and equip yourself for hot play before you go out.
Use Your Words: Dirty Talk 101
By: Good Vibrations - 02/02/2023
"Talk dirty to me." It's hot to hear a lover say that--but maybe also anxiety-provoking. What do I say?  
Grabbing On Tight: Kegels
By: Carol Queen, PhD - 01/08/2023
Are these the sexiest muscles in your body? Maybe!
G Marks the Spot!
By: Good Vibrations - 10/29/2022
Let's start off by affirming: the G-spot is a real thing. (And a great one, too!)