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Magic Wand


When it comes to sex toys, there are a few popular names out there, but none that have been so prominent and iconic as the Magic Wand. When Good Vibes opened our doors in March 1977, founder Joani Blank championed the Magic Wand, and to this day - thanks to its accessible shape, powerful vibrations, and versatile uses - it remains our number one vibrator. Read more

5-Star Reviews

“There is a reason Magic Wand has stood the test of time and now I'm a believer too.”
Magic Wand Original
“[I’ve] owned Magic Wand for 40 years, and it NEVER let me down.”
Magic Wand Original Rechargeable
“This thing gets you there faster than a race car.”
Magic Wand Micro
“Can't believe these have existed for so long and I [only just] got one. I think I’m in love…
Magic Wand Original Rechargeable
The Magic Wand lives up to its reputation, getting just as much use for sore muscles as it does giving orgasms.”
Magic Wand Mini

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