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Packers & STP

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If you want to get that bulge in your pants but you're not planning on having sex using your cock, check out these perfect prosthetics! Packers look and feel realistic to add a bulge, pack-and-play dildos can go from packer to erect for play, and STPs ("stand-to-pee") are designed to allow the wearer to urinate standing up, at a urinal (or wherever :wink-emoji: ) With a packer or STP, your sexual persona or identity needn't be limited by physiology!

Harnesses & Realistic Dildos

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Strap it on with our favorite representational dildos and harnesses. These representational dildos are designed to look and/or feel realistic -- whether it's through shape, texture, tone, or all of the above! From fully anatomical models to pack-and-play dildos that you can wear under your clothes till you're ready to go, this selection won't shaft you on options.

Binders, Gaffs & Body Forms

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Want to change up your silhouette? Binders and compression shirts are designed to compact chest tissue for a flatter appearance under your clothes, breast and body forms can add some curves to your figure, and gaffs allow you to tuck away bulges- so you can show off the shapes you want to!

Dilators & Pumps

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Look no further for supportive (and pleasurable) products for below-the-belt bits! Dilators are often recommended after vaginal procedures but can be great for vaginal and anal play; pumps can be useful AND enjoyable for those who want phallic suction or enhancement.

Inclusive Toys

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These body-inclusive toys are sure to leave you buzzing. From vibrators to use on any part/s of the body you desire, anal plugs great for any booty, and toys designed with queer bodies in mind - there's plenty here to choose from!

Books & Accessories

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Books about gender identities and issues can be informational or erotic, thought-provoking or sassy, for parents and/or their kids. Browse our selection!

Queer-Owned Brands

Check out our (ever-expanding) selection of queer-owned brands offering products designed for and by queer, trans, non-binary, gender non-confirming, and/or gender-diverse folks!