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Wetter Is Better💦

By: Good Vibrations

Whether you’re getting down with a partner, solo, with hands, toys, penetration, oral, anal, vaginal… lube is an all-around sex life game-changer. But, not all lube is created equal, which is why we’re here to give you the deets on these slick picks so you can slide into pleasure.

First off, let’s do some mythbusting on wetness. While lots of folks with vulvas can experience self-lubrication of the vaginal canal from being aroused, that’s not going to be the case for many other folks with natal and neo vaginas alike. Regardless of our level of arousal, there are so many factors that can affect our body’s natural wetness – medication, stress levels, menstrual cycles, changes in hormone levels, even something as simple as how much water we’ve drank that day. Beyond that, maybe we’re going for a marathon sesh and our body is losing hydration through sweat, or our natural lubrication is running out from going so long. Even further, sometimes we want lube for bits and places that don’t naturally lubricate (like the booty – seriously, it is so important to use lube for booty play, read why here).

So, lube shouldn’t only exist as a tool that you need because something is wrong – it can exist as something you want because it feels great!
Different lubes can come in handy (heh) for different purposes – let’s break it down by category:

water based

Water-based lube is the little black dress of lubricants in that it always goes. Skin-to-skin contact, with safer sex barriers like condoms and dams, with sex toys – because the main ingredient in water-based lube is (you guessed it) water, you won’t have any issues interacting with most if not all materials. 

Water-based lubes come in a variety of consistencies- the most popular being liquids which have a thin viscosity and feel lighter against the skin, and gels which are thicker and more pillowy (think more cushion for the pushin’).

Because that main ingredient is water, keep in mind that many water-based lubes won’t last forever, as that water will absorb after some time or if there’s a lot of movement, so re-application is fairly common practice when using these lubricants.

water based

Oil-based lubricants are a great option for those that want a long-lasting lubricant with a thin, slick feel. Many folks love oil-based lubricants for their naturally-derived ingredients, and the moisturizing properties of them. (Not to mention, many also leave a delightful smell)

If you’re playing with safer sex barriers like condoms or dental dams, use caution, as oil is not safe for latex and can break down the material, causing it to potentially become ineffective as a protective barrier. 

An important note to clarify – we’re talking about oil-based lubes – not cooking oils or external massage oils. While some ingredients that are found in these lubes may be shared, like coconut oil, vitamin E, CBD oil – oil-based lubes are designed for sex, and in a way that is intended to go on (and/or inside) your sensitive areas rather than a baking sheet. 

water based

If you want something that’s slick and long-lasting like oil but want to be able to safely pair your lubricant with latex, or if you’re a person with sensitive skin, silicone lube is the way to go. Most silicone lubricants (the ones without flavor or added sensation) will be odorless and flavorless, so they can be great for oral play as well!

The one downside to silicone lubricant is that is doesn’t play well with most silicone or silicone blend toys, so if you’re using one of those, opt for a different style of lube or pop a condom on your toy before lubing up.

water based

The best of both worlds, hybrid (or cream) lubricants are a combination made up of mostly water-based lubricant with a tiny bit of silicone lube. The amount of silicone added to the mix gives hybrid lubes the upper hand against water-based lubricants when it comes to longevity, while still staying a small enough amount that it won’t deteriorate silicone toys (just be sure to rinse any remaining lube off after use).

These lubes tend to have a creamy, lotion-like texture and an opaque, milky look to them. In fact, to a lot of folks, this lube can look a lot like ejaculate, which can be a fun way to incorporate some kink into the mix.

water based

Beyond the basics, there are also many features that you’ll find across categories of lubes: Flavored lubes for enhancing an oral experience by adding some extra taste sensations for the giver. Aloe-based and botanical lubes for soothing sensitive skin and helping to moisturize tissue while lubricating. Sensation lubes that add the experience of warming, cooling, or tingling to kick things up a notch.

And if you’re not sure what kind of lube is right for you, there are plenty of samplers and mini collections available so that you can try a few and see what works!
Get ready, get set, and get wet – see why lube is the unsung hero of the bedroom! (Oh, and don’t forget to stay hydrated 😉)