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Discover dozens of great dildo designs for anal and vaginal penetration. Choose from all sizes for the perfect fit. Select a vibrating model, a realistic dildo (or not), and smooth designs made of silicone, metal or glass. We carry dildos in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures for every kind of sex play… dildos for women, for men, for everyone! 

Browse our big selection and shop online for the best fantasy, realistic, and non-realistic dildo designs.

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What is a Dildo?

A dildo is a sex toy, sometimes but not always explicitly phallic in appearance, intended for penetrative sex or other sexual activity during masturbation or with sex partners. Dildos can be made from a number of materials and may be shaped like an erect human penis. They are typically about the average length of an erect penis, 4–6 inches (10–15 cm), but some may be longer. (Wikipedia)

Dildos are versatile sex toys that can help increase sexual pleasure. They are used for vaginal or anal penetration and additional stimulation. Some use them for gender affirmation too. Some dildos, like the double ended dildo, can be inserted into both orifices simultaneously for double penetration, or shared by two partners at once. Harness compatible dildos—aka the strap on dildos—are ideal for enjoying handsfree play with a partner. Strap ons are great sex toys for couples to explore. Other wearables let you achieve a powerful hands-free orgasm during solo play. You can even choose a dildo to fit on a sex machine!

When it comes to types of dildos, users can choose from a wide variety of models to explore pleasure and enhance sexual wellness. Realistic dildos, silicone dildos and vibrating toys 
are ideal for added vaginal or anal stimulation. Thick dildos and other larger or textured models are available for advanced users. Realistic silicone dildos can feel a lot like real skin. A dildo with strong suction at the base is great—suction cups can be attached to a shower wall or a chair!

Different Types of Dildos for Anal, Vaginal, and Clitoral Stimulation

Dildos are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, lengths, girths, and textures. Users can choose from a huge collection of dildos!

Vibrating models are designed to provide extra stimulation and added sensations. Some models embed one or several motors to deliver instant extra stimulation and pulsing or throbbing sensations via multiple vibration modes. Some designs are remote controlled. Thrusting vibrating dildo toys bring the movements of intercourse into solo play! Or choose a strong suction cup dildo. A suction base lets you place the dildo where you want to play. 

Here are some of the most common dildo types:

  •  Realistic dildos - Perhaps the most widely known type, realistic dildos can look and feel similar to a real penis. Realistic models are the ideal sex toy for users looking for the real feel. Choose a dildo with balls or a real skin surface to add to the verisimilitude! Plus we carry realistic packer gear too—soft dildos that are easy to wear under clothes.
  •  Large dildos - This category includes all kinds of plus-sized dildo designs. Extra long, thick and huge dildos come in different textures and shapes, for anal play or vaginal stimulation. They can provide a lot of fun to experienced users who enjoy size, offering the choice of penetration intensity. 
  •  Anal dildos - Choose an anal dildo for safe anal exploration. Designed specifically for anally penetrating a partner (or yourself), these models are sometimes smoother and smaller than other kinds of dildos. They have a flared base, which adds comfort and safety to anal play and makes them safe to use as a prostate massager. A flared base is a must-have for anal! 
  •  Double-ended dildos - This design comes with two heads instead of one. Double ended dildos can be used for double penetration during solo play or with a partner. Or enjoy this style for simultaneous penetration with a partner. Strapless strapons are good for anal or vaginal hands-free play. Try one for simultaneous G-spot and P-spot stimulation. 
  •  Vibrating dildos - Unlike a traditional dildo, vibrating dildos are designed to stimulate the vagina or anus with vibrations for maximum pleasure. Most vibrating dildos come with different vibration modes, speeds and patterns, and can also be used for external stimulation. Rabbit vibrators (aka “twice as nice” style) have a vibrating attachment especially for the clitoris. It makes the rabbit a great clit vibrator as well as a penetration toy.
  •  Glass dildos - These are usually made from borosilicate glass. Hard, long-lasting, hypoallergenic and easy to clean, if warmed up or chilled these dildos provide extra sensations with temperature play. Many come with a flared base and can be displayed as artworks. Try a curved glass sex toy for extra G-spot stimulation! 
  •  Metal dildos - Steel or metal dildo models feature a smooth or specially textured shaft and are heavier than other designs. The added weight helps apply extra pressure and provides an intense orgasm. A steel dildo is easy to clean and can be used for temperature play. It's body-safe, odor resistant and non-porous.

Differences Between the Anal Dildo, Vaginal Models and Vibrators

Vaginal and anal dildos are largely the same but may differ in some ways. Vaginal dildos are sex toys designed to provide vaginal, and sometimes G-spot, stimulation. They may have more insertable length than a dildo designed specifically for anal play. Nonetheless, vaginal models can also be used for anal penetration as long as they have a flared base. We carry other anal sex toys as well, including anal beads and an anal vibrator selection.

The flared base on anal toys prevents the dildo from going all the way into the rectum. This ensures they're safe and comfortable to use for anal play. These dildos can be straight-shaped or curved to provide pleasure and prostate stimulation.

While any dildo is intended for sexual penetration, vibrators differ—they vibrate, but are not all designed for penetration. However, dildos empowered by motors can vibrate, and many vibrators can be inserted too. 

Realistic Dildo, Large Dildo, Rabbit, or Something Else - What to Buy?

To find a dildo that best suits your needs and sexual desires, you need to understand your own preferences and limits. A realistic-looking dildo, with lifelike veins, can be a great choice if that’s what turns you on. These any many other designs come in a range of sizes—not every user wants a larger dildo. You can choose a 5 inch realistic, an 8 inch realistic dildo, or pick from 5 to 8 inch dildos that are not realistic at all.

Large models may seem intimidating, but some people definitely find them satisfying. A bigger dildo with a curved shaft can reach deeper inside and can provide intense sexual pleasure. Simply choose a size you're comfortable with and enjoy!

A Rabbit sex toy is basically an insertable vibrator designed to provide a blended orgasm. That means it stimulates both the vagina/G-spot and the clitoris simultaneously. Similar to a vibrating dildo, a rampant Rabbit features an easy-to-grip shaft.

How to Incorporate a Dildo into Couples Play

Using a sex toy can spice up your sex life, and communication is essential if you want to incorporate dildos and other sex toys into your relationship. If you've never discussed adding adult sex toys, you might want to take it slow and talk about what interests you both. Introducing a double-ended dildo or a butt plug to your foreplay might be a stretch too far, at first.

Try mentioning it in a light-hearted way. Say that you want to explore together and try something new. Don't just introduce a flexible shaft mid-session or a huge, thick Doc Johnson. Not talking about new sexual practices, including toys, can backfire, even if your intentions are good. Start with a natural sized model for the best results.

Dildo FAQs

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While we offer a huge variety of big, small, thick, slender, double-ended, realistic and non-phallic dildo designs, we also carry other adult toys and sexual wellness products.

Browse our selection of sex toys for women that includes gspot vibrators, thrusting dildos, ben wa balls, finger vibrator, and the famous Magic Wand. These sex toys are great for pleasuring those with vulvas who want to explore all the ways to orgasm. We have powered dildo vibrators and sleeves for mutual masturbation fun. Dildos with suction cups for handsfree fun, prostate massagers, bullet vibrators, nipple clamps, pocket pussies or sleeves, penis pumps, cock rings, anal beads, butt plugs and anal toys galore for exciting anal play solo or with a partner!

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