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Top Picks for Trans Guys!

By: Good Vibrations

This one is for our fellow trans masc fam out there!

trans masc

As a quick disclaimer, we want to note that there isn’t one way to be trans, or transmasculine in this case. Gender is deeply personal and is affected by so many intersections that curate our identity and our experiences within them.

This roundup includes just a small selection of our favorite picks, though these aren’t a one-size-fits-all – and there are so many categories of toys that can be delightful for anyone. However you play and experience pleasure is valid.


External Vibes:

Tried and true, external stimulation can feel incredible on all types of bodies – on erogenous zones from head to toes, and (of course) on genitals, too.

Wand vibrators are among the most popular external vibes, with a versatile shape, a long handle perfect for reaching any spot on the body, and a powerful motor that allows vibration to travel deep into the body and even be felt in internal hotspots without penetration!

The classic and best-selling Magic Wand Rechargeable boasts an iconic look and motor with vibrations up to 6,300 rpm (that’s some serious power), and also offers a Mini version that’s more travel-friendly without compromising on that strength that’s so beloved.

External vibrators that feature rabbit-ear shapes can be incredible for hugging sensitive spots, and can even act as a stroker – whether or not you’re a person with bottom growth. Think of it as a surround sound experience.

Rabbit-style bullets like the Je Joue Rabbit Bullet and Laska Vibrator offer flexible ears that have more movement to accommodate size by moving apart or giving the option of pinching them together. A double-style vibe like the Le Wand Double is a bit more rigid, but offers added power with motors located at each tip.


Strokers, Pumps, and Suction Toys:

Strokers and sleeves can definitely come in handy for some self-service. While most sleeves are a designed in a size that is more likely to accommodate folks that are AMAB, have had bottom surgery (phalloplasty), or are experiencing bottom growth, there are a number of these toys that are designed to fit phalluses of many sizes.

Stroker-packer combos like the Jack Silicone 2-in-1 Stroker offer the best of both worlds as a wearable prosthetic that can also be ready for action as a stroker with a ribbed cavity for sensation. A closed-ended stroker like the Tenga Egg is stretchy and textured, and because it only has one open end, a lightly lubed opening can be pushed flush against the body to create suction as it’s stroked or massaged.

Suction toys can also be a great option for those with less size on their external bits. These toys use air pulsation to create an experience that’s been compared to the sensation of sucking, giving a targeted pleasure right where it’s wanted.

The Romp Switch is a great budget-friendly version of a suction toy that offers a gentle suction sensation through a pin-point head. The Lelo Sila Sonic Massager offers a wider surface area for contact against the skin to make a sturdier seal for supes-targeted stimulation, or you can hover the opening above to feel those pulsations without the direct contact.

Pumps are a great way to increase sensation and stimulation to the genitals, and often folks may even experience temporary growth while and after using them. The New York Toy Collective Trans Masc Pump (btw- NYTC is a queer-owned company!) is designed specifically with transmasculine people in mind, offering a range of cylinder sizes and a how-to for those new to pumping. For those looking for something super simple, the Temptasia Beginner’s Pump offers a single size cylinder attached to a ball pump, so you can just squeeze to pump and then press the button to release.

BTW- these pumps can not only feel great on the bits, but can be super pleasurable against nipples as well!


Strap-On Dildos + Harnesses

Another ever-popular style of toy, the strap-on – which refers to a set of both a dildo and harness - is a go-to for partnered penetrative play. However, you can totally use these for some solo pleasure as well – lube up your hands and stroke your strap!

Realistic dildos offer not only the texture and sensation of a body part, but also can offer some gender affirmation for those looking for that experience through this type of play. The Shilo from NYTC is designed as a pack-and-play with a poseable shaft that can be tucked down into undergarments (though, honestly, you will be rocking quite the bulge) and can also be flexed into different curves and positions to help hit all the right spots.

There are also dildos that are realistic in shape but not color like the Gala, dildos with balls like Colours Dildos, realistic dildos that are shaft-only like the Maven, and dildos that look nothing like a human body part like the Rainbow Bright – the strapportunities are vast.

Harnesses come in all styles as well- a classic harness like the Low Rider with buckles and straps can allow you to adjust to a more specific fit, while a brief harness like the Fit Harness pulls on like a pair of boxers (and are just as comfy if you want to wear them under pants to stay at the ready).

If you don’t want your toy at your waist, there are even harnesses that are designed to be worn other places like the thigh or the face!

Read more about how to choose the right harness for you here.


Play your way

Beyond these picks, there are so many other ways to experience pleasure. Whether you’re into anal play, penetration, BDSM + kink, massage + sensation – whatever! Explore and appreciate your body through the pleasure that you deserve.