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Hanky Spanky: Top Impact Tools

By: Good Vibrations

Good Vibes: Top Spanking Toys and Impact Play Tools 2024

There are so many reasons to love impact play - from the physical sensations of a hit against tender skin, the sound of the slap resonating through the room, the smell of the leather wafting by with each stroke of your flogger, to the spicy dynamics that exploring a Dominant and submissive roleplay with some S&M can bring. 

With so many ways to love getting your spank on, there are so many ways to do it as well - and so there's a variety of toys and tools to choose from. Here are some picks from our experts of seven of the hottest impact toys we have at Good Vibes right now to really leave a mark on a hot new way to explore. 


Good Vibes: Top Spanking Toys and Impact Play Tools 2024Naughty & Nice Leather Slapper

Whether you’re an entry-level spanker or the phrase “bend over” is a regular part of your kinky vocabulary, the Naughty & Nice Slapper is a great addition to your impact arsenal. One side is lined with soft fleece to start out softly and sensually, and then you can flip to the thick leather side and escalate sensation into thuddy spanks, then flip it ‘round again to soothe the area with some plush touch - with this dual-sided spanker, you can go from naughty to nice and back again and again and again.


Good Vibes: Top Spanking Toys and Impact Play Tools 2024Shadow Heart Paddle

Ready to leave your mark (literally)? This chic faux leather paddle features a cut-out that leaves a perfect little heart-shaped imprint with each strike so you can pepper your sub’s body in little love letters to remind them just how well they take it for you. Aerodynamic, sturdy, and the perfect size for packing for kink on the go, the Shadow Heart Paddle is sure to leave its mark on your heart.


Good Vibes: Top Spanking Toys and Impact Play Tools 2024S&M Brat Faux Fur Flogger

Tease and torment your partner with this impact toy that blends playfully soft and sensual faux fur falls with vegan leather tails that are sure to leave a satisfying smack with every strike. Use gentle brushes of the fur for sensation play, to caress and tease, or for some tactile aftercare, or pull back the fur to fully expose the leather for more intense impact to leave a bit more bite for your brat with every blow.
(Pink not really your vibe? Check out the luxe Saffron edition in deep red + black.)


Good Vibes: Top Spanking Toys and Impact Play Tools 202418" Riding Crop

A staple in any impact play toolbox, nothing can beat the sound and sensation of the thwap of a good riding crop against bare skin. This 18” crop boasts a sturdy yet comfortable handle that keeps a low profile but still allows a bit of reach that’s perfect for partnered punishment or some me time masochism. The flexible nylon coated rod is semi-flexible so you can keep control to decide whether you want a loving tap or a bruising slap from the satisfying leather head. So, what do you say… ready to ride?


Good Vibes: Top Spanking Toys and Impact Play Tools 2024Sex and Mischief Enchanted Feather Tickler

Whether you’re a multi-tasker, a lover of variety, or you simply don’t want to have to make up your mind, this double-ended impact toy is the perfect blend of sensual and sadist. Pair this dual-sided device with a blindfold to elevate your sensation play by exploring all of the textures from sweeping the super-soft feathers across the skin to ignite extra sensitive areas, tickling hot-spots with the tassels of the flogger to get their heartbeat racing, and giving a little sting to your spank by whipping the silicone tails of the flogger end for a strike that leaves a bite. It's giving high pleasure at a low price point.


Good Vibes: Top Spanking Toys and Impact Play Tools 2024Hard Limits Crop

For the well-versed tops and spanking enthusiasts looking to bring a little more pain to their S&M pleasure, this rigid impact toy can definitely provide the heat. A perfectly punishing blend between crop and cane, Hard Limits is a 25” long and slender spanking tool that offers sturdy support and control for precision spanking, lined with vegan leather that offers a deliciously devilish bite that will leave your submissive aching for more.


Good Vibes: Top Spanking Toys and Impact Play Tools 2024Neon Wand ThunderClap Electro Paddle

If you’re looking for the secret to taking your spanking play to a whole new level… it’s electric! The ThunderClap Electro Paddle is a delightfully thuddy silicone paddle that brings a thunderous clap on it’s own, but when paired with the KinkLab Power Tripper and Neon Wand turns into an e-stim toy that delivers spankings that would make Thor proud. Play with conductivity from a gentle ticklish buzz to a shockingly powerful zap, and explore curated sensations with speed, impact, and power to find just the right combo for D/s play that’ll light up your night.


For even more tips on spanking and how to explore impact play, check out our Impact Play 101 blog: Spank You Very Much!