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Silicone Dildos


Explore our wide selection of silicone dildos, great for solo play and a fantastic couples toy. They come in many sizes, shapes and textures. Some are firm, others similar to the feel of a natural body, while some prefer soft dildos. Explore g-spot stimulation, an anal dildo, a dual density silicone dildo, a curved silicone dildo, a suction cup for hands-free fun, even a squirting dildo! Choose a 6 inch silicone shaft, an 8 inch silicone dildo, or something smaller or larger - as you prefer.

Smooth and supple and available in a range of firmness, with or without a curved shaft, silicone dildos are body-safe and quickly adapt to body temperature. Silicone is a key material for sex toy quality as it is hypoallergenic, non-porous and easy to clean. Plus soft silicone feels great touching the body.

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What is a Silicone Dildo?

A silicone dildo is an insertable sex toy - some phallic-shaped, others not - typically made from premium silicone or silicone blends. High-quality premium silicone is hygienic, easily washable and durable. When it comes to sex toys, silicone is also really effective as it conducts vibration well. A vibrating dildo has the pleasurable qualities of both a vibrating toy and a dildo - lucky you!

Thanks to these versatile qualities, silicone dildos can be used for masturbation, penetrative sex and stimulation. Harness compatible dildos, part of toy sets called strap-ons, can be worn on the body for sex with your partner. Some have strong suction cups at the base. Suction cup dildos can be mounted to a smooth surface for hands-free play.

Silicone dildos come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. Flared bases assure harness compatibility or make them perfect for safe anal play. A soft silicone dildo can be perfect for beginners. A realistic silicone dildo can resemble an erect penis, complete with a veiny texture, bulbous head, firm core, and a range of skin tone colors. Dual density toys can feel fantastically real! Realistic dildos (including a lifelike skin dildo) can look and feel exciting, adding a layer of realism to the play when that's part of your fantasy.

Fantasy designs can be inspired by the colors in your identity flag or have so many diverse looks. They can be super-modern and stylish or a fantastical, reminding you of supernatural tales! Fantasy dildos come in a variety of bold colors; they may feature pronounced heads or double-ended shafts, or you can choose thick dildos with girthy bases, or one that is slender enough for beginners. Double dildos are fun for partners to explore together.

A vibrating dildo made of silicone may have a strong, built-in motor, capable of delivering powerful vibrations. Alternative models have a hole built into the shaft for a bullet vibrators or mini vibes that can be purchased separately and used when you feel like it. A dildo vibrator is perfect for penetration play and will add pleasure to anal play, solo stimulation, and more.

Variety of Colors, Body-Safe Materials & Perfect Sizes for Ultimate Pleasure

Silicone dildos can be great for vaginal and anal play. Those that vibrate can offer fantastic external stimulation too, from ultra-realistic dildos that look like a real penis, to fantasy dildo designs with straight shafts and a smooth surface. Or you might prefer subtle textured surfaces instead - whatever you desire, we carry a wide range of the most popular and unique designs.

To help you get started, we've compiled a list of the most important benefits you can expect from a silicone sex toy:

  • Smooth sensations: Silicone toys are designed to provide a wide range of pleasurable sensations. They adjust to the surrounding temperature quickly, producing waves of smooth sensations during play.
  • Vibrating modes: Vibrating silicone dildos typically come with different vibration settings and may have USB rechargeable batteries. They can provide hours of pleasure through various modes of vibration. Choose a remote controlled style for more play options!
  • Hands-free: Whether you're looking for a sex toy to spice up your solo session or choose sex toys for couple play, suction cup silicone dildos can be a great option. Mount a sensual silicone suction cup dildo to a wall - or on any flat, non-porous surface - and enjoy hands-free play. Strong suction will keep it stable for your enjoyment. Toys with suction cups give you more alternatives for your play!
  • Harness compatible: Many silicone dildos are harness compatible. Not only can you use these versatile toys by hand - you can also pair your strap-on dildo with a harness and enjoy all the pleasures of strap-on sex. Or choose a strapless strap-on, no harness required! Hollow strap-ons can fit over a penis to increase firmness or size.
  • Safe and durable: Silicone dildos are comfortable and easy to clean. Whether you choose a realistic or fantasy dildo for your next erotic experience, our silicone toys are made from non-toxic, non-porous, long-lasting materials.

How to Use It: Hands-Free Play & Other Options

Before you start, make sure you have the appropriate lubricant on hand. Water-based lubricants are considered the best option when it comes to sex toys like a platinum silicone dildo or those made of other silicone compounds. Water-based formulas are the safest and most friendly lubricants on the market. You could also use an oil-based lubricant if you aren't planning on using a latex barrier with your toy.

Once you're ready, follow your bliss. You can use your toy on the body or move it in and out slowly to see how it feels. Build your rhythm gradually to explore sensual play and sexual satisfaction. Silicone dildos that are harness compatible are perfect for couples, while silicone suction cup options can be an excellent choice for a solo hands-free ride. Toy guides can help you optimize your play.

Silicone Dildo FAQs

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