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The G-Spot: What It Is, How to Find It

By: Carol Queen, PhD

What is the G-spot - How to find the G Spot

So many are curious about the G-spot, the elusive area accessible via the vagina, and would love to learn whether it can enhance their sexual experiences - to note: not all people who are curious about this are women, since not every woman has a vagina and not everyone with a vagina is a woman. Trans and non-binary folks might wish to explore G-spot pleasure too. (Plus partners without vaginas or G-spots often want more info!) Different people might choose different terms for parts of their body based on identity, language preferences, and more. We’ll talk more about the vagina here, but you might call it something else.

What is the G-spot?

The G-spot is a pop culture term, not a scientific name. It is short for Gräfenberg Spot, named after the German gynecologist who researched it and published early medical texts about it—sexologist Beverly Whipple and colleagues wrote a bestselling book about it in the early 1980s. Much research—not all of it very conclusive—has been happening ever since.

Here’s how we explain this “mystery spot” at Good Vibes: 

The G-spot (which is not actually a spot) is located behind the front vaginal wall and wraps around the urethra, below the bladder, the way the prostate does in a person assigned male at birth. This is no coincidence—the two organs develop from the same tissue, and another name for the G-spot (or paraurethral sponge, as some call it) is the prostata femina, aka female prostate. And it functions very similarly to the prostate in many ways; it can be sexually sensitive, can engorge with stimulation (and sometimes hold fluid that is ejaculated under the right circumstances). 

What is the G-spot - How to find the G SpotAnatomy of a vagina

Before we get specific regarding the vagina: Many people don’t know that every part of a person assigned female at birth has a complement in those assigned male. We’re not opposites, as so many people still say. (Want to know more about this? Check out our Sex & Pleasure Book!)

So: Those who are born with a vulva and vagina may enjoy vaginal insertion—the G-spot is one reason why, but by no means THE reason. The opening of the vagina, or introitus, is part of the vulva—the clitoris and urethra are generally above it just a bit, and the first third of the vagina is more sensitive to lighter touch and vibration than the inner length. At rest, when not particularly aroused, the vaginal walls more or less touch each other, like a lightly closed fist. Its length varies, but during arousal it lengthens as well as (with higher arousal) “balloons” or “tents”— getting bigger around, especially at the end where the cervix is found. This is the part of the vagina that leads to the uterus (is, in fact, the bottom portion of the uterus), and some love the sensation of touch or thrusting there while for others it may be un-erotic or even uncomfortable. The cervix protrudes into the vaginal canal a bit, and the area around it, where it connects to the end of the vagina, can also be sensitive—the anterior fornix, especially. But that’s not the G-spot! (It’s sometimes called the A-spot, though, so if you see that, it’s not a typo.)

Where is the G-spot located?

The G-spot is partway along the vaginal canal—not IN it per se, but through the front vaginal wall. (To be clear, that’s the same side the clitoris is on—if a person is lying on their back, seek the G-spot on the belly button side.) As noted above, it’s tissue that surrounds the urethra below the bladder, and with high arousal it engorges and that swelling may make it easier to feel through the wall. Some find it feels firm and slightly corrugated—think of a wet and velvety walnut.

What is the G-spot - How to find the G SpotHow do you find it?

The very easiest way for a partner to find it for you is by inserting a couple of fingers into your vagina, curved upward. No scratchy hangnails or fingernails, please! You might be able to find your own with fingers, but not everyone can reach theirs easily that way. (If you do, your fingers will be curved toward the inside end of the clit, not back towards the anus.) So if you are solo, try a curved toy—it will be easiest if it’s fairly firm. It can be a vibrating toy or not, because the things that may best stimulate the G-spot are often stroking and pressure. (The prostate, or P-spot, same!) 

And this is extremely important for most G-spot seekers: Use lubricant, because otherwise you might not love the way extra pressure feels inside the vagina. And make sure you are very turned on, because without the engorgement of arousal, you might not find it at all, or the sensation of pressure or stroking might not even feel erotic to you. Maybe even irritating! Just as when you are seeking to have an orgasm of any kind, high arousal is your friend.

How best to stimulate the G-spot

Toys, fingers, and sometimes penises can be great for pleasuring the G-spot. Curved toys like G-spot dildos and fingers have the best record, because not all penises are of a length or shape that best stimulate it—many just slide right past, and you might have a delightful experience with it, but that experience might not include much focused G-spot sensation. (Penises that are shorter, with a curve that points the right way, might be optimal—and intercourse positions that support shallower or angled insertion might help. lf you have partner/s with penises, perhaps you will want to explore!)

So to be clear:

  • Try searching for the G-spot during solo or partner play, but make sure you are very turned on.
  • Use lube! Choose a kind you like and that does not irritate you.
  • Insert a curved toy, or a curved finger or two, with the curve aiming for the front of the body.
  • Stroke, adding pressure. Vary the pressure according to how good (or meh) it feels. Stimulating the G-spot is not supposed to be painful or so-so! If it is, use less pressure; more lube; add clitoral or other sexy stimulation; or try another time.

If it does feel good—explore the types of stimulation below!

What is the G-spot - How to find the G SpotStroking

Stroking will allow you to home in on the G-spot’s location, because it will feel different than the surrounding vaginal tissue. You can focus on in-and-out strokes, or see whether side to side (like a little windshield wiper!) is a type of G-spot stroke you like.    


Simply pressing on the G-spot might feel great, and from there, even a small amount of movement might feel amazing. Explore pressure with the other types of stimulation too—for many, the right amount of pressure is key to G-spot pleasure and orgasm.


A toy, hands or penis thrusting in and out can engage the G-spot when it’s aimed in a way that stimulates it, so when thrusting is desired (of course it can be super-pleasurable on its own!), locate the G-spot and include it in the play. Positioning furniture that lets you angle the pelvis in different ways can be helpful; so can a toy (or penis) with a prominent head, or a toy like the Pure Wand with its curve and prominent ball-shaped ends.


While you might not need vibration for G-spot enjoyment, you might well find it is a fantastic addition! Explore powerful vibrations (like a wand with a G-spotter attachment) or any strength you enjoy using a vibe designed for G-spot play.

What is the G-spot - How to find the G SpotExternal stimulation

We can’t reach the G-spot directly with external stimulation, but there are two ways that external play can be especially relevant when you are enjoying the G-spot:
* Don’t forget that high arousal is optimal for finding and stimulating the G-spot! So don’t head for the vagina first unless you are already turned on—clitoral and other external stimulation are perfect forms of foreplay for G-spot pleasure.
* Some people, when stimulating the G-spot, really enjoy the sensation of downward external pressure just above the pubic bone. It’s likely that this stimulates the spot on its own but also pushes it against the internal stroking or whatever kind of vaginal stimulation is happening. 

Why aim for the G-spot?

There are so many pleasure parts, why are we directing you toward this one? 
Well, honestly, if you are happy with the sexual stimulation you’re already exploring, that is fine! Better than fine! We do not agree with experts who maintain that you should be doing G-spot play. We’re not wild about that word “should,” unless we’re saying “You should always get consent”! But of course among the many erotic options of our bodies, the G-spot is one that many enjoy greatly, and perhaps you will too.

Internal orgasms

While there are many kinds of orgasm, and many kinds of sex that might let us enjoy them, the G-spot is one reason some can experience orgasm with vaginal stimulation. And since the issue of “the orgasm gap” can mean that many cis women and those with vulvas don’t orgasm as readily with intercourse as most cis men, a G-spot that is ready for enjoyment during vaginal sex seems like a fun and pleasurable addition to intercourse and vaginal stimulation.

What is the G-spot - How to find the G SpotBlended orgasms

On top of that, any erogenous zone might, when stimulated at the same time as another, make orgasm easier, more powerful, or especially satisfying. And the G-spot is definitely one of those zones! It is commonly stimulated at the same time as the clitoris, and some who like this kind of play do report more bang for their buck!

Ejaculation / Squirting

So-called “female ejaculate” (or simply “ejaculate,” since people of varying gender identities can have this experience) is sourced at least in part in the glandular tissue of the G-spot. Many who want to explore this additional sensation start with getting comfortable, and erotically stimulated, with G-spot pleasure. G-spot orgasm can, for some, include ejaculation, at least sometimes. Two things might add to the experience: the external pressure we described above (either using your hand, or a wand vibe as some like to do); and lying on a Liberator Fascinator Throw, which feels deliciously cushy and has a superpower: it catches your wet spot and is machine-washable for easy cleanup.