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Flirting with Squirting 💦

By: Good Vibrations


You are now entering the splash zone. Grab your towels and prepare to get soaked! We're talking about squirting, sometimes referred to as “female” ejaculation (though no need to gender it).

Regardless of gender, squirting or ejaculating is the act of emitting fluid from the urethra when aroused, often with orgasm. This is commonly discussed and familiar for folks with penises, whereas it's hardly discussed in mainstream sex education (if someone was lucky enough to get any sex ed) for folks who have vulvas, so that's what we'll focus on today.

One of the most common ways folks experience squirting is with g-spot stimulation--though this isn't the only thing that makes it happen, it's certainly a staple for many. The g-spot can commonly be reached vaginally by inserting a finger or two and curving them up towards the front of the vagina back and forth with a firm "come hither" motion. Some might even find that their g-spot can be reached via anal penetration, since the g-spot lives on the other side of the vaginal/anal walls, underneath the bladder, wrapped around the urethra. 

Often folks imagine squirting to look how it may in porn, but the likelihood that you'll experience super-soaker-level ejaculation is actually quite small. Some folks may only squirt a few drops whereas others might produce a more substantial load. The ejaculate is the clear-ish fluid that gets expelled; averaging anywhere between a few drops to 30ml, or about the size of a shot glass. Cheers!

Since the fluid comes from the urethra, many folks assume that it is urine--but it’s actually very similar (chemically) to prostatic fluid. Actually, the anatomical name for the "G-spot" is the Prostata Femina, which is Latin for the “Female Prostate.” Now, again, there’s no need to gender parts of our bodies, but understanding that the g-spot is similar or “homologous” to the prostate helps us better understand this wonderful anatomical feature.

Looking to try squirting? Here are some helpful tips to get you started!

💦 Arousal is key: The g-spot shows itself best when you're aroused, since it will swell with fluids and become easier to stimulate--so make sure you’re already turned on before you go exploring! The sensation will feel way better, too. Try reading some erotica or trying other sexual activities while exploring the g-spot. And don't forget the lube!

💦Blended orgasm: Don't limit your external touch to foreplay. Stimulating the g-spot while also providing clitoral stimulation can lead to an amazing full-bodied orgasm. This can be done through mouths, fingers, and of course… vibrators!

💦Curves in all the right places: We mentioned the tried-and-true way for stimulating the g-spot is curling those fingers up like you’re beckoning someone to come closer, but the right toy with the right curve can do this for you. Toys like the Pure Wand or the Limba Flex offer a perfect shape for reaching this area.

💦 Comfort is crucial: The pressure of g-spot stimulation can feel phenomenal, and may also cause a sensation similar to the feeling of needing to pee. Again, fluid coming from the urethra can make you feel like you're urinating but if you can push pass this concern, remind yourself why it feels similar, and know that you have a leak-proof throw under ya like the ones from Liberator--so try to let yourself explore that big release you've created. You might find something new you enjoy!