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G Marks the Spot!

By: Good Vibrations


What is the G-spot?

Let's start off by affirming: the G-spot is a real thing. (And a great one, too!) It's not so much a spot per se -- but a part of genital anatomy: an area of spongy erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra, that swells with arousal and is an erogenous zone that for many responds pleasurably to stimulation. Though the G-spot can seem elusive to some, it shouldn't be a mystery -- we're here to make sure of that.

The G-spot, as it's known, is named after Ernst Gräfenberg, a German gyno who studied and published some of the first medical text on this hot spot (he also helped develop the IUD!), The G-spot is also known as the Prostata Feminina, or "female prostate." Though we think it unneeded (and inaccurate) to gender this spot, knowing the similarities in structure and function to the prostate gland can help us to better understand the G-spot as a whole. Like the clitoris and penis, both of the glandular areas of the P-spot and G-spot develop from the same tissue--their similarities are no surprise!  

How to find it

On most bodies, the G-spot is located around one to three inches deep from the vaginal opening, and is found behind the anterior vaginal wall -- the side that's towards the front of the body, like you're aiming towards the belly button. For some, it may be more shallow or further in, and some bodies may even find the G-spot is situated off to the side - so exploration and communication are going to be key in finding what position hits the spot just right. 

You can't touch the G-spot directly, as it's not actually "inside" the vaginal canal, but since the vaginal wall it lives behind is thin and sensitive - pressure, stroking, sensations like vibration, even textures can be felt against the G-spot as a way to stimulate it.

The G-spot is made of erectile tissue, which means that with arousal, it will swell with fluids and become firmer and more pronounced -- aka much easier to find. Allowing the body to get ready and for arousal to build can really level up that G-spotting experience, so take your time exploring other erogenous zones first- teasing, nipple play, clitoral stimulation -- whatever gets you going. With arousal the G-spot gets much more sensitive (one reason some people haven't found it yet is they're in a hurry and don't give arousal time to build up enough. There's no downside to building up arousal, people!).

Stimulating the G-spot

For G-spot play, having something with a curve is going to be a game-changer when it comes to targeting that hot spot. Having a toy that arches towards the front wall, like a dildo or vibrator with a sturdy bend in the shaft, will help provide the leverage and angle to reach the G-spot. With fingers, you can try curling them in a "come hither" motion -- like you're beckoning someone towards you -- again, towards the front of the body. It helps to explore with fingers or toys first so you know the sensations and position, since many intercourse positions allow the penis or dildo to slide right on by.

The G-spot tends to respond well to a firm, rhythmic pressure -- once arousal builds up, try rocking, stroking, curling, or tapping with something stiff, like a hard material toy (metal and glass are great for this) or a rigid finger (or two, or three). Textures can also stimulate this hot-spot, like ridged vibrators or dildos - the shapes in the material stroke against the G-spot as it's thrust into the body during penetrative play.

Switching up positions can be another way to help hit the spot when you're hittin' it -- doggy style (penetration from behind where the receiver is on all fours) and downward doggy (doggy style, but the receiver rests their upper body down on their forearms/elbows instead of up on their hands) provide an angle where penetration -- with a penis, dildo, fingers, toy, etc -- will be positioned in a way that naturally aims towards that front vaginal wall. Using a pillow to prop up the hips in positions where the receiver is on their back can help to angle the body up as well -- there are even positioning wedges and sex pillows that are specifically designed to help to get into these poses (and so many more).

BTW, for all of this: USE LUBE. The amount of pressure it can take to get the G-spot fully turned on can feel not-so-great if arousal isn't high and/or the vagina isn't well-lubricated. Choose a lube that works with your body and your toy and ensure your G-spot hunting experience will be comfortable and sexy! 

G-spot orgasms galore!

Something to keep in mind about vulvar and vaginal anatomy is that everything hangs out really close together, which means that stimulating one hot spot may end up stimulating others as well! Bonus stimulation -- great, right? The G-spot is super close to, and even sometimes surrounded by, the bulbs of the nerve-rich clitoris (the internal part, right inside the legs of its wishbone shape).

To many folks, the sensation of a clitoral orgasm and the sensation of a G-spot orgasm can feel unique from one another, and hitting them at the same time can lead to another new sensation. When the G-spot is stimulated in tandem with clitoral stimulation, it can result in what is known as a blended orgasm -- which, to many folks, can feel more intense and full-bodied than a clitoral or G-spot O on their own! Rabbit vibrators and dual-stim toys are great tools for being able to hit these two hot spots in one go.

G-spot play can also be a great way to explore ejaculation, aka squirting. Remember how we mentioned that the G-spot is akin to the prostate gland? Well, that prostatic fluid (along with some other fluids) can be produced as ejaculate during arousal. During G-spot stimulation, a similar mix of fluids can build up and be released through the urethra -- often during orgasm. For some, the release may just be a trickle, barely noticeable, while for others it can happen like a geyser -- hence the nickname squirting. How much ejaculate is produced is dependent on many factors (menstrual cycle, hydration, pelvic muscle strength, medication, and so on) and it doesn't happen for everyone. Though -- for those who do experience it - squirting is something that often happens with G-spot stimulation, it can also happen from blended orgasms or maybe even just from external clit stimulation.

Go out there, Get exploring, and discover how Great the G-spot can be!