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Let’s Talk About the Joys of Rimming!

By: Good Vibrations


Let us eat cake!

Rimming--aka analingus aka “tossing the salad” aka “eating cake”—is the act of orally pleasing the anus, which can be a super intimate and pleasurable sensation. As with any anal touch, lots of nerves are ready to be stimulated, and a partner's mouth is an amazing way to feel them. 

The best two things to consider before you dive in are safety and technique! Here are a few tips to help you with both.

👅 Some people like to circle the anus and lightly penetrate with their tongue. Others approach it more like making out--the sensitivity of the anus and of the mouth are surprisingly similar, so this rosebud kiss is often very sexy for both partners. Ask your partner to give you feedback, then experiment!

👅 Wanna take sensations up a notch? Vibrators can feel really amazing on the outside of the anus. Try a vibrating ring made to fit around your tongue, adding sensation to all those sensitive nerve endings surrounding the opening. Oh what a time to be alive.

👅 When getting down with some Ass-to-Mouth, it’s important to remember that some STIs can be passed this way, and anal play can bring you in contact with E.coli, so we recommend using a barrier, like a dental dam or plastic wrap. Put a little lubricant on the side that will go against the anus, which adds to the slipperiness and sensation. And try some flavored lubricant on the side being licked so that you’re tasting more than just latex or plastic.

👅 Speaking of lube, are you looking for a lube that doesn't taste bad and can work for penetration too? Silicone lubricant is excellent for oral play because it's flavorless and helps the mouth remain slick. Just be sure not to use silicone lube on those nice silicone'll wanna stay with a water-based for those. 

👅 Like to eat raw? Taking a shower or bath beforehand will lower risk of sharing bacteria. Rinsing the rectum with an anal douche will do so as well and can help provide some added assurance for all parties involved. Also it’s been shown that the more familiar you are to your partner’s body, the more used to their body’s bacteria you become as well, so maybe save raw rimming for when you’re better acquainted.

Now you know how to rim with confidence. Go on out there and tickle that tail!