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Experience pleasure like never before with our vibrators, adult toys, and other sexual wellness products.

Explore a wide range of vibrators with different vibration patterns, multiple speeds and extended battery life. From Magic Wands and discreet suction toys  to thrusting vibrators and anal safe stimulators. Browse our varied collection of the best vibrating toys and enjoy easy online shopping and discreet shipping. 

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What is a Vibrator?

"A vibrator, sometimes described as a massager, is a sex toy that is used on the body to produce pleasurable sexual stimulation. There are many different shapes and models of vibrators. Most 2010-era vibrators contain an electric-powered device which pulsates or throbs. Vibrators can be used for both solo play and partnered play by one or more people." (Wikipedia)

Vibrators vibrate! And our bodies tend to love this sensation. According to statistics, around 80% of female sex toy owners in the United States have a vibrator at home. Data revealed by Statista shows a similar trend for the global sex toy market. The vibrator for women is one of the most popular adult sex toys in the world - they are a great sex toy for women. But vibrators are not just for women! They can be used by anyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or genitals.

Men and other folks with penises find that vibrating toys with a gentle curve, some designed to give gspot vibrations, can deliver strong prostate stimulation too. These are safe to use anally if they have a base. And the penis itself is a good match for vibration too! The neurology of the head of the penis is very similar to that of the clitoris.

A dual vibrator, which we call Twice As Nice, can be used to create delicious sensations of various types. Much like a rabbit vibrator, used for dual stimulation of the G-spot and clit, some can be used as a prostate massager or anal stimulator. Many couples say they use rabbit vibrators for prostate massage. In fact, the fluttering vibrations of the rabbit ears can feel very good on the perineum.

However you use a soft silicone Twice As Nice vibe, for g-spot stimulation or your favorite type of vibrating toy for clitoral pleasure, enjoy increased sensation and blended orgasms!

People's favorite vibrators include personal massager Magic Wands, remote controlled and dildo-shaped vibrating toys, mini bullet vibrators, and other vibrating adult sex toys. Many of these designs can be used on the entire body, or on erogenous zones to provoke arousal and make it easier to orgasm. Explore toys vibrating for your pleasure to find the kind you like the best!

Discovering the Magic of Vibrators

When it comes to ultimate sexual pleasure, your buzzing friend is a sex toy style that can help you indulge. Explore the good vibes of a high-tech, remote controlled vibrator - a great way to spice up your long-distance relationship and bedroom sex games. A rechargeable wand for ever-ready play is a great companion! For solo play, remember that people can enjoy vibration in all kinds of ways.

Check out these popular benefits:

  • Better Sex: Incorporating a clitoral or anal vibrator into your sex life can help you understand what works best for you when it comes to arousal. Varied vibration mode and intensity levels help users achieve more powerful orgasms during sex and solo play. Choosing a vibrator together is sexy fun for many couples!
  • Physical Health: Both more sleep and more sex can have positive effects on our immune function, stress levels and heart health. Orgasms can help you sleep, reduce stress and aid overall wellness. A wand vibrator, as well as other more compact or insertable toys, can be used in many pleasurable ways.
  • Externally Stimulate for Pleasure: Many sex education coaches suggest adding vibrators to the mix during partnered play to ensure that both people's sexual needs are being met. For many, vibrators clitoral stimulation is necessary for orgasm. Enjoy some intimate pillow talk to signal to each other that you want to use your couples vibrator! Some vibes create powerful vibration - placed on erogenous zones around the body, they expedite extreme sexual pleasure.
  • Hands-Free Play: With tons of remote controlled options, the possibilities for hands-free fun are almost endless. Powerful, discreet and suction vibrator designs can produce strong, smooth and delicious vibrations. An app control vibrator allows users to operate the device easily, and their partner can participate from anywhere in the world. A rechargeable battery means you're always ready for vibrator sex!
  • Multi-purpose: Incorporating the rumbly vibrations of a buzzing vibe into your sex life can be beneficial. Equipped with multiple vibration patterns, USB rechargeable, thrusting vibrations, or waterproof - whatever design you choose can bring freshness and new sensations. Any type of vibrating toy can expedite the pleasure and magic in solo play and romantic relationships alike.

How to Use Clitoral Vibrators

Most people think of using vibrators during penetrative sex sessions - great idea! - but make sure to try them for additional stimulation. Clitoral vibration is the secret to many peoples' orgasms - explore the pleasure of silicone head wands, palm-held vibrators, finger vibrators, or a suction vibrator like Womanizer classics or the Rose toy. Solo or during partner sex, these can make an amazing difference. Women vibrator fans love to stimulate the clitoris - in fact, anyone with a clit might love it!

Most vibrators of this kind can be used for external stimulation as well as adding clitoral vibes during penetrative sex. Try a massaging wand or clitoral vibrator with a butt plug! Vibrators are often recommended by sex therapists - as well as our Staff Sexologist Carol Queen - for people who want to achieve orgasm through sex or masturbation. Vibrators are also known as an effective tool in managing the effects of menopause. In menopausal women, poor blood flow due to a lesser amount of estrogen produced can lead to vaginal dryness and atrophy. Vibration can improve blood flow, supporting sensitive tissues and genital sensation. Don't forget lubrication!

Vibrator FAQs

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We carry a large collection of adult sex toys! Favorites such as an app controlled rechargeable toy for couples, a vibrating dildo, a wand massager from Le Wand, or one of the best-selling Magic Wands: a Magic Wand Mini, Magic Wand Plus, or one of the Magic Wand rechargeable vibes. Try a WeVibe Sync or WeVibe Tango X for vibration, or a Satisfyer Pro or INYA Rose for clitoral suction stimulation.

Besides our carefully chosen vibrator sex toy selection, we also offer other amazing sexual wellness products and sex toys for couples. Check out smooth silicone anal beads, vibrator rings and other cock rings, and ben wa balls. You can choose something inexpesive such as bullets or smoothie vibes for those shopping on a budget, or opt for something more powerful and unique like the Fun Factory thruster toys.

Rechargeable waterproof toys can be used in so many ways! Select sex toys for couples or for solo play.

Shop online and enjoy discreet shipping!