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What Is An Air Suction Toy?

By: Lisa Finn

Air SuctionIf you’ve seen any of the viral sex toy trends floating around social media, you’ve more than likely encountered a popular new style of toy: air suction stimulators.

Air suction toys were first created by Womanizer, who used innovative tech to use pulsation of air waves for stimulation instead of vibration (their patented Pleasure Air Technology uses pulsating and massaging changes in air pressure you can feel even without physically touching the clitoris).

This totally unique sensation of “clit sucking” continues to be a huge hit, and dozens of styles of toys followed shortly after – but what is it about these toys that makes them so much different than a standard vibrator?

Air Suction

While some air pleasure toys combine the air pulsation / sucking with vibration, it’s the unique sensation of that air movement that makes these toys so popular. Many who have used these toys describe the sensation akin to oral sex – like someone is sucking at the clit while flicking their tongue across it.

Many air pleasure + suction toys don’t actually touch the head of the clitoris directly to stimulate it – instead it’s the trapped air surrounding the clit that is moving and pulsating across it that is giving all of that sensation, rather than through direct contact like a vibrator.

Air Suction

Unlike many vibrators which are designed in a way that they can be moved around to stimulate several regions of the body, air suction stimulators are designed with a focus to target the nerve-rich clitoris. They are shaped in a way that the opening of the toy (where you can feel the air stimulation) is meant to encircle the head of the clit, and oftentimes that will create a seal when held flush against the body, keeping all of that sensation in place to pin-point that orgasmic hot-spot.

While you can certainly move the toy as you go, hovering it over the body or rocking it to create even more stimulation, these toys can be used as simply as lubing up the body, getting the toy in position, and letting that air pulsation do the rest of the work for you.

Air Suction

Having that suction on the head of the clit helps to ignite those nerve endings to increase arousal and sensitivity. Almost like a motorized pseudo-pump, these sensations can help to draw blood flow to the erectile tissue of the clit, making it more receptive to stimulation- so you can get revved up for other types of play with fingers, mouths, toys, and/or penetrative play!

Air Suction

Clits aren’t the only place that can benefit from this kind of targeted sensation, either – using an air stimulation toy over the nipples can feel fantastic as well, offering a similar kind of stimulation that many can enjoy with a mouth or nipple sucker – but leveled up with the intensity of a motor.

Air stimulation toys can feel great on a penis as well! Use the toy to tickle the scrotal skin, or put the opening of the toy against the frenulum (that’s a hot-spot on the underside of the penis where the head meets the shaft). There’s even a toy called the Arcwave Ion that’s designed for penises using the same tech as Womanizer’s Pleasure Air to target hot-spots inside a stretchy soft silicone stroker. Yes, please.

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In short – these toys suck (but in the best way). Check out some of our faves and see why these toys continue to top social media convos and our best-sellers list!