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Spring Cleaning!

By: Good Vibrations

CleaningWhen it comes to cleaning your toys, knowing what material they are is key. Fortunately, all of our products are made out of body-safe materials that can be cleaned with mild soap and water and left out to air dry. Just don’t submerge your vibe under the running water if it’s not waterproof, not all toys can swim. For those, using a moist washcloth in place of a running tap will do the trick.

For those looking to use less chemicals on things going around your sensitive bits- or for those simply looking for a quick clean of a solo toy- spritz your toy with a toy cleaner or even an intimate safe bodywash like Pjur Med Clean, rinse, and wipe off after.

While toys can be washed this way, there are still some differences among them- especially if you’re taking extra precautions for sanitation. A key difference is if they’re non-porous versus porous.


Non-porous toys do not have pores (tiny gaps in the material) that are permeable by things like body fluids, which makes them easier to keep clean, since they will not harbor bacteria in the material when the surface is properly cleaned.

Some non-porous materials, like silicone, can be boiled to be disinfected- so long as there’s no motor inside that can be destroyed by the heat. Boil these toys for 1-3 minutes, making sure that they’re completely submerged and you’re keeping an eye on ‘em.

Some hard materials, like glass and metals, can be disinfected using mild soap and water, a toy wipe, or a toy cleaner and thoroughly rinsed afterwards.

And as for the question of the dishwasher- yes, technically you can sanitize non-porous toys that do not have a motor inside the dishwasher (top rack only!), but keep in mind that dish soaps can leave a residue on your toy that could be irritating.


When it comes to porous toys, because these materials have those teeny-tiny holes (you may not even be able to see them) that can harbor bacteria deeper than the surface, take extra precaution with their use.

Most porous toys- when properly cleaned with mild soap and water, dried, and properly stored (read: in a clean toy bag or box, and separate from other porous toys)- can be kept clean and safe to use. However, if you’re going to be sharing these toys with other partners, using them anally, or if you’re sensitive to yeast infections, we recommend using a barrier like a condom over your toy for best practice.

Oh, and if your porous toy begins to change color or harbor a smell? Unfortunately, it’s time to go Marie Kondo– thank your toy for its service and the joy it sparked, and then say goodbye. 

If you really want to make sure that your toys are clean, there’s no harm in adding in some extra precautions. B-Vibe UV Sterilizer Pouch is a great device that uses ultraviolet light to safely de-germ your intimate playthings, and can even charge them while it works! (PS- this works great on other devices like cell phones and remote controls as well!) 

So as you’re getting deep into that ~spring cleaning~ mood, make sure that you take some time to take care of your bedside buddies so that they can keep taking care of you 😘