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Power Up: The Strongest Vibes 💪

By: Good Vibrations

This one isn't for the new vibrator user

power up

This one goes out to all the lovers of sweet deep vibration 🤤. You know who you are. When those pocket vibes with watch batteries just aren't packing the punch your body needs, it's time to invest in something stronger ðŸ’ª.

There are two major components that can contribute to how strong a toy feels: its shape, and its motor.

Vibrators that have a broader surface area such as a wand or palm sized external vibe will naturally bring more nerves to the party and can generate a wider spread sensation. If that's paired up with a powerful motor in the right place on the toy that can lead to what's commonly called "rumbly" vibration. If you find that you enjoy more pinpointed stimulation, a slimmer design like the Zumio X will provide a different style on intensity referred to as a "buzzy" stimulation. These can and will feel powerful in completely different ways for different folks, so explore which shape size you enjoy the most.

If your idea of a good vibrator is a new motorcycle, but you can't afford the lessons, you might enjoy the unparalleled power of a Cowgirl. But if something more compact tickles your fancy, the "Cadillac of vibrators" is still a heavyweight champion. Bullet fans love the We-Vibe Tango X for being one of the strongest small vibrators available, or if you're looking for something to replace that stock bullet in your dildo or cock ring, try swapping it out with one of these instead.

For powerful internal vibes, the Fun Factory Miss Bi G5 is sure to delight the in's and out's of you at the same time. Or if you want more of a penetration feeling vs simply a strong vibration, try the Fun Factory Stronic Surf to bring on new waves of pleasure. 

So remember, strength is relative for each person. Not everyone enjoys the same type of toy or stimulation, but when you're looking for a vibe that's as ready to rumble as you are, grab one of these toys, and crank it up to 11!