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Low & Slow: Gentle Vibes

By: Good Vibrations

When a hella-strong vibrator is not the right choice for you


We hear it a lot: customers overwhelmed with all the choices ask, “Why are there SOOO many vibrators?” And besides the cheeky answer (“maybe you want a vibe that matches your comforter color”), the real reason is, we are not all alike and many of us want and need different things. And we try our best to meet that need!

Maybe you are the proud owner of an erotic power machine that everyone you know recommended… but it turns out that it’s just too strong for your taste, not to mention your sensitive body parts. Save that monster for backrubs and warm up to some mild and mellow vibrations.

Why might a lighter vibration be better for you? Honestly, some people just seem to prefer a tease, while others find that they are so sensitive that a stronger vibrator just doesn’t feel good. Please accept yourself the way you are—and we’ll highlight some vibrators to match!

One type of milder vibe fits in the palm of your hand (so you can stimulate the clitoris, the head of the penis, or whatever comparable sensitive parts you have).  Cushy vibes like this can be especially enjoyable for those who are sensitive—Iroha Rechargeable Silicone Vibrators, for instance, feel as fluffy as a marshmallow and look like yum mochi from the sushi bar, but don’t try to eat it!

Often a person who doesn’t want a lot of power aimed at their clitoris does enjoy a little extra action during insertion play, and the Rabbit family of vibrators might be a great choice for the person who wants a little fluttery stimulation. That’s why the rabbit became a vibrator icon, after all—those fluttery ears! You can get small rabbit vibes just for the clitoris if you’re not a fan of internal toy play.

It’s also pretty common for a person to like stronger vibration once they are good and turned on—but starting out strong is Just. Too. Much. Plenty of people think they don’t like vibrators at all, when really they just started out with one that was way too strong for their liking, and they started playing with it before being all the way aroused. In that case, you want a toy that has a nice low speed but that can ramp up when you do.

Finally, don’t assume that a little bitty vibe will be a milder ride than a big old wand. Mini vibes and bullets don’t have the size to compare to a powerful and thuddy wand vibrator—but small toys stimulate far fewer nerve endings, which means that for some people, a buzzy mini vibe is a bit overwhelming and after some exploration, a palm-held vibe with more surface area is the perfect compromise.

So don’t let anyone Magic Wand-shame you! You like what you like! Low and slow might be the speed of your perfect ride.