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Solo Date Night

By: Educator Andy Duran

solo dateMasturbation can serve many benefits, from pain relief to sleep aid; and while it can increase our sexual awareness and ultimately help us out with partnered sex, we don’t want to lose sight of its biggest value yet—taking care of you.  

Although most people today are aware that masturbation isn't as bad as previous generations may have believed it to be, many are still constrained by the notion that it's an immature activity or a second-rate substitute for partner sex.  Masturbation is a way to connect to your body and explore your own unique desires. When masturbation is about prioritizing care for you, if should never feel secondary to anything. 

Let's get started!

Here are some suggestions on how to make your next masturbation session truly special:

Set the mood: There’s no reason we can’t take ourselves on great dates! Put the phone on 'do not disturb', listen to your sexy jams, wear your favorite pair of undies (even if you’re the only one who sees them), snap a few selfies to celebrate your own erotic energy. Scent and texture might comfort and please too: oils, candles and other sensual things can help transport you for a bit.  

Take it slow: Many of us don’t prioritize our solo play time and are used to taking quick opportunities to rub one out. While a quickie can be hot for many reasons, we’d like to encourage you to spend more time exploring. This may mean trying new acts, or new positions, or even new toys. Discover the way your body responds when exposed to new sensations without the distractions of another person in front of you. You may find out things you never knew about yourself. 

Treat yourself: When was the last time you did something purely for you? You may even be tempted to take on blame for having a moment of pleasure, but you absolutely deserve it. Bust out your favorite toy or upgrade from your old standard to maybe something with a wow factor! Try using lube even if just for external play. There’s no need to save the goods just for when company is over. 

Add a little inspiration: If you want to flirt with fantasy, maybe dive into some erotica or turn on your favorite porn to help create the vibe. We have everything from page turning novels to steamy short stories to help steer your erotic thoughts and get those creative juices flowing.

Remember, for many masturbation is our first sexual activity, a natural source of pleasure that's available to us throughout our lives, and a unique form of creative self-expression. Each time you masturbate, you're celebrating your sexuality and your innate capacity for pleasure. So next time you stop to Do-It-Yourself, do yourself a favor and explore elevating your experience, because you deserve it.