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Grab A Cold One!

By: Good Vibrations

TempIt’s summer, and you’re hot – in more ways than one. High temps and heatwaves might leave you feeling like the last thing you wanna do is get sweaty with another person - or even alone, tbh - but fear not; we've got some tips and tools so that you can enjoy some hot play (figuratively) while keeping it cool (literally).

🧊 Make A Splash

Cooling off in water is one of the first ways we think of beating the heat, so why not bring some extra fun into that cold shower (or, if you’re lucky enough, private home pool). Try taking your waterproof vibes, dildos, and anal toys for a dip! It’s a great way to get a little dirty while you’re getting clean.

🧊 Chill Before Serving

When your body is hot and sticky, it can feel incredible to add something cool and slick. Try storing your lubricant in a cool dark place – like in a bedside drawer - for refreshing rehydration of your hot spots. If it's extra warm out, you can even pop it in the fridge for an added sensation. (Also, a little fun sex educator-approved tip: if the sun’s got your thighs sticking together, silicone lube is perfect for preventing chaffing on your bod. Can confirm, it’s a game changer)

🧊 Ice Ice Baby

Add a little bit of chill with a whole lot of sensation by turning to an unexpected and super accessible sex toy for ice cube sex! Stroke the cube on hot skin and allow the cold water to melt off and drip on hotspots like the nipples, incorporate some impact play and enjoy the dramatic change of temperature with the ice against freshly spanked areas, tease and explore all over the body during foreplay or as you're getting things going by letting the ice caress the skin – you can even lap up the cool trail of water as you go. Or lap your hot honey with the ice in your mouth! If inserting the cube sounds sexy, wrap it in a condom to stay safe (and get enthusiastic consent before you go there--this is an intense sensation that not all would enjoy).

🧊 Hit The Lights

Pull the curtains and dim the lights - your room can dramatically change in temperature when you switch out the lights and block the sun from bathing the bed in warm light. If you like the ambiance of light or just want a better view, try swapping out the overhead lights for some string lights or a bedside lamp - maybe even a color bulb like cool blue to add in some extra aesthetic. 

🧊 Drink Up

And last but certainly not least, drink lots of water. Hydration is key, and your body will thank you so much when those temps are rising. Staying hydrated supports sexual functioning and lubrication, significantly boosts energy levels, and can help your mood as well. Cheers to that!