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Make A Splash: Shower Sex

By: Lisa Finn


Whether you're enjoying some self-care solo play or looking to change up the environment while getting down with a partner, the shower can be a great place to explore. In fact, when it comes to popular places to have sex other than the bedroom, sex in the shower (or bath) has been reported to top the list (alongside getting busy in the backseat--which, if you're interested in public play, here's our blog on that).

Why is shower sex so steamy? (Pun absolutely intended)

It engages our senses: the additional sensations beyond those created by our own bodies can completely shift how we experience pleasure. The heat of the water, the cool hard tile, the echo of sounds from our bodies and moans, the smell of sweat and sex mingling with the fragrance of soap, the slickness from all of the wet--there's so much to take in.

New environments encourage new exploration: if you find yourself in a sexual routine that you're looking to expand, a simple change of location can make all of the difference--and a trip to the shower is a lot easier to plan than a vacation. You can embrace spontaneity and allow for the physical space to help drive new positions and techniques to discover what feels best.

Easy clean-up: If you're interested in play that can get a little messy (or, just as valid, you're concerned about it), you can incorporate taking an actual shower into your sex. Use the running water while you play to rinse off sweat, cum, or other bodily fluids--this can be especially handy during rimming, period play, watersports, or any other "dirty" deeds you love or want to explore.

Privacy: The bathroom is a great place to get away from prying eyes, and the sound of the running water can help to mask sounds and vibration noises. Plus, when you emerge from the shower looking flushed and with your hair a little mussed, it's nothing that should raise an eyebrow.

Safety First--Before you dive in to shower sex, there's a few things to keep in mind:

Yes, you can get hurt: Smooth tile coupled with the slickness of lube and water, with the added risk of the design of many showers not having much to get a good grip on, can mean a higher chance of slips or falls than play on a soft surface like a bed. Make sure that you're able to stay aware of your body and your balance so that you don't fall and hit a body part on the hard shower floor or slip mid-thrust and cause injury to a limb or appendage (yes, that definitely includes the penis).

-    Consider investing in a non-slip mat so you can keep steady footing, or explore positions where everyone feels stable before getting into the motions. Oh, and make sure there's no rogue shampoo bottles that can get knocked over and roll under your feet unexpectedly.

Yes, you can get pregnant or get an STI: Even if you wash out or rinse off bodily fluids during or after play soap and water do not get rid of the potential for STI or bacterial transmission or the chance of pregnancy, and you should still use a barrier if that's something you want or need to consider.

Yes, you still want to use lube: While water will get things wet, it won't lubricate the body--in fact, it can actually rinse away some of the body's natural lubrication and cause more friction. And don't reach for your toiletries, either--shampoo, conditioner, body soaps and lotions are all designed to clean the outside of the body, and shouldn't be used internally since they can cause irritation to our more sensitive bits, where you can cause infections, UTIs, or mess with the healthy microbes in the booty and vagina.

-    For play with toys, a thicker water-based lube will last longer, since it has more body and won't rinse off quite as quick--try Please Gel. If you're playing body-to-body or with barriers, silicone lube won't rinse away with water and is great for going longer while using less--a fave to recommend here is Pjur Silicone. Just keep in mind that lube isn't only going to make the body slicker, but any other surface it comes in contact with--like the shower floor--so be aware of where your lube lands. Try a lube shooter for more precision with your application.

Let's talk toys:
One way to up your shower sex game is to bring some toys in! So many materials are shower-friendly, like silicone and ABS plastic--and more and more vibrators are designed to keep their motors sealed under waterproof bodies so you can take them for a dip.

Here are some of our faves:

Tiger Vibe G5: The ripples of this toy paired with the sensations of the shower make for quite the pleasure combo. A flexible shaft means that you can shift to more angles comfortably, and the ingenious design of a looped handle makes it easy to keep hold of--even with water and lube.

Jive Wearable Vibrator: If you want to keep your hands free for balance or other activities, a wearable waterproof vibe is a great option for an easy way to add sensation. A bonus to the Jive in particular is that it can be controlled via Bluetooth, which means a partner can control it from the other side of the bathroom or the other side of the globe.

Neon Vibes The Flirty Finger Vibe: Add a fluttering motion to the feeling of running water and you have a recipe for some serious sensation. This finger vibe has flickering bunny ears as well as a smooth body with 10 settings to explore. A sleeve built into the silicone of the toy makes it easy to slip onto a digit to keep it securely in your hands as you play.

VibePad: Take a seat in the tub or on the shower floor and saddle up for 7 powerful vibration settings perfect for grinding, humping, leaning back on during penetration, or simply having a really sexy seat. Two motors on a contoured pad can be used to stimulate the vulva, the clit, the perineum, testicles, anus--anywhere you wanna grind it.

Manta: Not only is the name aquatic themed, but this super-unique stroker is fully waterproof for play from the bed to the bath and beyond. Velvety vibrating silicone wings encircle the shaft of the penis, targeting the nerve-rich frenulum or allowing for some sexy stroking. And, again, that innovative looped handle from Fun Factory is a splashy game-changer.

I Rub My Duckie: We couldn't make a shower play list without bringing in a fan-favorite discreet bathroom toy, this 7-setting waterproof vibe that can stay at the ready in your shower, hidden in plain sight. Rub My Duckie, we're awfully fond of you.