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Self Love & Care

Love the one you're with, people—and just look in the mirror, we mean YOU! Self-care can mean many things, but for us it always includes de-stressing, self-pleasure, and understanding your needs, desires, and boundaries. We're here to help you think about (and indulge in) all the ways you might want to be good to yourself. You deserve it—and you'll be able to savor life more deeply if you prioritize self-love and self-care.​ 

That mention of "self-pleasure" doesn't just mean "take a nice nap" or "go on, have the dessert"--we're talking masturbation, solo sex, orgasm for one! You can let your fingers do the walking, but all the self-love enthusiasts who add toys and other sensual products can't be wrong... we've curated suggestions to amp up the self-love plus some books to expand your horizons.