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Thrusting Vibrators


Explore a wide range of thrusting vibrators and pulsating sex toys. Thrusters and Pulsators feature an innovative technology that offers a rhythmic thrusting motion into the body for hands-free solo or partner play. Compact, portable and silky smooth, our models offer vibration pleasure and are made from body-safe, life-like materials.

Select one of our vaginal models or anal-safe versions to experience the unique sensation of a thruster, with ultra-soft silicone and multiple vibration patterns. Shop online and enhance your sexual pleasure with the unique sensations only thrust sex products can provide. Learn more about Thrusters here.

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What is a Thrusting Vibrator?

A thrusting vibrator is an insertable toy that is designed to provide internal stimulation through imitating the motion of penetrative play aka thrust sex. Some thrusters use a shaft that extends and retracts for deep thrusts, while some pulsators use a combination of strong magnets to propel the toy into that back-and-forth movement. There are many styles of thrusting vibrators ? thrusters that can be used for anal play, rabbit-style thrusters that combine clitoral stimulation, and more.

Self-thrusting toys often feature an ultra-soft body-safe silicone coat and have a strong motor with several vibration modes. They can move in and out on their own for hours and at speeds of up to hundreds of thrusts per minute, which means that you can keep a reliable rhythm throughout play, without having to tire out your wrists. Hit the power button and watch them go!

Available in a variety of shapes and colors, sizes and insertable length - from realistic skin-like textures to fantasy designs - thrusting vibrators offer hands-free pleasure, strong vibrations and intense sensations, making them a great pick to take your kinky sexual fantasies to the next level.

Sizes, Shafts and Motors: Designs for Best G-Spot or Dual Stimulation

A thruster is a portable electronic device similar to a sex machine, but in a compact shape that's closer to the size of a dildo. The unique motor of a thrusting toy produces a back-and-forth motion via the insertable length of the toy, and that rhythmic movement when inserted into the vagina or anus can be a super effective way to stimulate erogenous zones like the G-spot or prostate with that pulsating sensation, stroking these hot-spots with each thrust.

Most designs feature a smooth, velvety silicone shaft and an easy-to-grip handle with control buttons. You can choose a straight-shaped anal-size insertable shaft with a tapered head, a slightly curved design with a penis-like or squishy head for amazing G-spot targeting stimulation, even a rabbit-style thruster that has an external arm (often with fluttering bunny ears) to add clit stimulation to your penetration play.

With so many features to consider, we've compiled a list of some characteristics you may be interested to look for when shopping for a thruster:

  • Warming - Add some extra sensation to your thrusting play with a warming feature. Warming thrusters will bring the temperature of the toy up to where it will feel like the warmth of a body part for a more realistic experience, or simply to add some new sensations!
  • Vibrating - This popular feature feels surprisingly fresh in a self-thrusting toy. While enjoying the toy's powerful thrusts, you can add in vibration to stimulate your sweet spots even further, customizing your pleasure with multiple vibration modes.
  • Massaging - Internal massage, either P-spot or G-spot massage, can be an act of orgasmic pleasure for many. The rocking sensation of these toys can provide a deep massage with each thrust to add delightful pressure with each stroke.
  • Pulsating - While many thrusters use a bold back-and-forth motion, pulsators offer a similar sensation, but with a motion that feels more like a rocking than a thrusting, which can be great for the hot-spots you?re looking to target with precision.
  • Texture: Soft or Firm - For those who want the more realistic skin-feel sensation, choosing a thruster made from ultra-soft silicone with a velvety smooth surface can be a great choice. If you?re more interested in a firm, rigid sensation, a denser silicone or even a body-safe plastic will be the material for you. Either way, when combined with a smart internal mechanism, these toys can feel amazing at all textures and densities.

Thruster or Dildo? What's Right for You

Like dildos, thrusters are available in different styles, shapes, colors, and more. You can pick a thrusting vibrator in the shape of a penis, with a textured head and shaft - or you can pick something that does't look human at all, but still offers that penetration sensation that you want.

The main difference between a dildo and thruster is going to be that the thruster is automated - you don't need to use your body to power the movements, the motor will do that for you. Many thrusting vibrators can be used hands-free, which is great for accessibility for those who may have physical restrictions or limited mobility, or for folks that want to keep their hands available to use elsewhere while their toy provides the sensation of thrust sex.

Happy Couple: Jump into Pleasure with a Thrusting Vibe

These versatile vibration sex toys aren't only fun for solo play! Bring a thruster into the bedroom with a partner and position it to let the thruster do all the work while you and your partner use your hands for other types of stimulation. You can pair your thruster with another type of penetrative play for some double penetration (DP) action, or have your thruster play the role of another partner to bring the fantasy of group sex to your play, even if it's only you and your boo.

Thrusts and Waves FAQs

Shop at Good Vibes

Good Vibes offers a large collection of vibration sex toys, including fantasy and realistic dildo designs with multiple vibration patterns, thrusting dildos and anal vibrators, twirling rabbit models and discreet clitoral vibrators as well as wearable bullet vibrators and thrusting anal plugs.

Our sexual wellness products feature the most popular and highly-recommended sex toys from both world famous and local brands - such as Firefly Jessica Rabbit and Greedy Girl Thrusting Rabbit Vibes for thrusting with clitoral stimulation. Want to try the ultimate European design everyone's talking about? Try the Stronic Bi Fusion vibrating, thrusting and 'sweet spot vibrator' that offers a mashup of sensations. Made in Germany, Stronic products are fully compliant with the high EU standards for health, safety and environmental impact with a minimal carbon footprint.

Whatever your needs and fantasies are, don't forget to check our selection of silicone, oil and water-based lubes and toy cleaners for more pleasurable experience and long-lasting protection. If you want to take your sex life to new heights, shop at Good Vibes and find the right fit for your vaginal and anal vibration play!