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Trust The Thrust! Thrusting Vibes!

By: Lisa Finn

thrusterWhen it comes to the wonders of sex toys, there are so many sensations to choose from: the iconic vibrator, the trendy air pulsation toy, the classic plug – but for those who are all about penetration, thrusting + pulsating toys are where it’s at.

thrusting toy is an insertable that imitates the sensation of (you guessed it) the thrusting motion of penetrative play through a motor – meaning that the toy actually does that pumping and stroking motion for you. Some thrusters use a shaft that extends and retracts, while some pulsators use a combination of strong magnets to propel the toy into that back-and-forth movement. There are even rabbit-style versions that combine the motion with vibration to level things up even further!


Since you don’t have to worry about manual movement with thrusting + pulsating toys, it’s much easier to keep a reliable tempo throughout your whole sesh – the toy will do that work for you, avoiding the tiring out your (or your partner’s) wrists and losing that momentum.

Internal hot-spots like the G-spot and the prostate tend to react well to rhythmic movement, and finding and maintaining a beat to sync your movements to can help your mind and body stay on track to reach your O – you can even change the speed of your toy to match the bpm of a sexy song to get your body really moving. Find a tempo that works for you, and make sure your toy is charged up so you can keep it going all for as long as you need (or like)!


A lot of thrusters + pulsators are designed in a way that the motion is completely automated, meaning that you can use them hands-free. Especially if you’re playing solo, being able to use your hands for other activities than holding your toy can be a game-changer. You can touch your clit, stroke your penis, play with your nipples, read your erotica novel, hold your device to watch some porn – wherever your imagination leads you.

Beyond this, having a toy that doesn’t rely on the use of our hands, wrists, and arms can be incredibly useful for folks that may have limited mobility, allowing for a continual thrusting motion without putting the amount of strain on the upper body that manually thrusting can.

There’s even plenty of sex position furniture that’s designed to hold and support sex toys that pair incredibly with thrusters so that you can keep your toy in place if you want to switch up positions or have more shallow penetration - mounts that look like gorgeous body pillows, lifted shapes for straddling, ones with contours for grinding and humping, and more.

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So if you’re ready to thrust into the world of self-propelled pulsation, check out our picks for some next level penetrative play: