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Discreet Vibrators


Explore the world of sex toys that come in the most sleek and discreet forms. From gorgeously crafted vibrating pendants to mini bullet vibes and lipstick vibrators. Discreet vibrators come in a huge variety of shapes.

Compact, quiet and beautiful, these amazing personal massagers place ultimate pleasure in the palm of your hand. Browse our varied selection of the most popular and luxurious designs and find the perfect fit.

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What is a Discreet Vibrator?

Discreet vibrators are vibrating sex toys that are like to keep a low profile. They are generally inconspicuous in design, and/or small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. Many can even be clipped into underwear for some private play, out in public. The latter is a category on its own, known as 'panty vibrators' though they can be used in lots of different types of clothing. Despite their small size, these easily operated and remote control vibrators are equipped with a powerful motor that typically offers multiple vibration modes.

There are also internal remote vibes that are designed for vaginal or anal use, and external remote vibes designed to be worn over the penis. These app-controlled discreet toys are often used by couples for long-distance play - when lovers stay at different locations - and for hands-free play.

Most discreet toys can be used for external stimulation, while some can also be used for internal play like G-spot, or even prostate play, depending on design and shape.

Many of these adult toys are designed to look like other objects such as pieces of jewelry, lipstick, electric toothbrush or even a rubber duckie. Some may use batteries while most are USB rechargeable, offering sleek, stylish and high-quality designs.

Quiet Vibrators: Experience the Ultimate in Discreet Pleasure

Discreet vibrating sex toys are a great choice if you want something that doesn't particularly look like a sex toy. They are small enough to fit inside a pocket or purse, and offer quiet and powerful vibrations, often with multiple speeds and intensity levels.

Whether you're looking for a gift or want to treat yourself, check our list of the most popular features, according to sex experts and customers:

  • Discreet & Wearable: Compact sized and some even wearable, many styles imitate pieces of jewelry or household electronics. These rechargeable vibes know how to keep a secret.
  • App & Remote Controls: These toys are wonderful for hands-free play. Discreet, app controlled and remote controlled designs can also be a great tool for partner play and long-distance exploration.
  • Unique & Ergonomic Designs: Many are shaped in ways to easily cup the body or be held with ease, while the whisper quiet motors keep playtime incognito.
  • Splash & Waterproof: Most designs are splashproof or waterproof. This means you can take your sex toy to the shower or tub for new sensations.
  • Versatile Options: Most of our discreet vibes offer multiple speeds or vibration patterns to explore and choose from. 

Discreet vibrators are quite versatile and can be used by all genders and orientations, for solo play or with a partner. We recommend pairing your sex toy with a personal lubricant for increased sensation.

The rechargeable designs are made of highest quality materials, featuring non-porous silicone, and offer features, such as a travel lock, so your vibe won?t cause a scene in your luggage.

Discreet Vibrator FAQs

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