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Good Vibrations Press Releases

Good Vibrations has been the media source for sex-positive information on premium sex toys, books and videos for over 30 years -- how many 30-somethings can boast that kind of reputation? Whether you're looking for a quote from our sexperts, sound sex advice or the latest in high-quality sex toys, you'll find it here. Below, find information about Good Vibrations and our latest press releases. For more information on Good Vibrations, please email [email protected]. Photographs and product samples are also available.

Recent Press Releases

5/30/17 Good Vibes Solo Sex Survey Results Are In!
5/12/17 Good Vibrations Honors GiVe Program Donation Recipients at Oakland Reception
4/17/17 Good Vibrations Hosts Build-A-Vibe Workshop
4/6/17 Good Vibrations Celebrates 40 Years of Pleasure with festive Bling My Vibe Contest and event
12/28/16 Good Vibrations Harvard Square Grand Opening Party
10/25/16 More Good Vibes for Boston MA
10/17/16 Giving Can Be Better Than Receiving
9/14/16 Good Vibrations Launches Book Club on Goodreads!
7/5/16 Good Vibrations hosts a special Consent Culture Reception & Conversation at Palo Alto Store
3/25/16 Trans Rights a Focus at CatalystCon Chicago
3/1/16 Fun Factory Partners with Good Vibrations for Exclusive New Vibrator Release
1/28/16 Orgasms Are A Girl’s Best Friend: Good Vibrations Valentine’s Gift Guide for Everyone
1/19/16 Good Vibrations Wins Two Top Adult Retailer Industry Awards!
10/26/15 Good Vibrations Proudly Partners with Planned Parenthood & Local Non-Profits
10/8/15 Good Vibrations Releases the Most Comprehensive, Compassionate, and Inclusive Sex Book Ever!
8/25/15 Good Vibrations celebrates the official launch of THE Sex & Pleasure Book: Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex for Everyone
7/21/15 Good Vibrations Brings THE New Way to Orgasm
4/29/15 Good Vibrations Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of International Masturbation Month in May 2015
3/26/15 Good Vibrations Brings the Magic to CatalystCon
1/19/15 Good Vibrations Wins at Xbiz 2015
12/31/14 The Year in Sex: Good Vibrations' 2014 Year in Review
11/26/14 Good Vibrations Hosts Holiday Launch Party for Revolutionary App-Controlled Vibrator at its Valencia Street store in San Francisco, CA.
10/24/14 Good Vibrations celebrates Sexy at Every Size at Abundance event
9/10/14 Good Vibrations Goes All Out at CatalystCon.
7/18/14 Good Vibrations Hosts Launch Party for Revolutionary App-Controlled Vibrator at its Palo Alto, CA Store.
7/9/14 Join the Consent Revolution!
6/10/14 Sex-Positive Retailer Helps Patrons “Harness” Pleasure
5/8/14 Good Vibrations Partners with Regional LGBTQ Nonprofits
4/29/14 Good Vibrations Celebrates 19th International Masturbation Month
2/24/14 Good Vibrations sponsoring University of Tennessee-Knoxville Sex Week
2/20/14 Good Vibrations Sponsors 2014 Feminist Porn Conference
2/19/14 Good Vibrations Facilitates the Conversation at CatalystCon
2/4/14 Good Vibrations Celebrates Eighth Store with Grand Opening Party in Bustling Downtown San Francisco
2/1/14 Good Vibrations Partners with Regional Nonprofit Partners
1/31/14 Good Vibrations Wins Progressive Retailer of the Year and President Joel Kaminsky Wins Progressive Leadership Award at the 2014 XBIZ Awards
1/28/14 Tristan Taormino Interviews Coco, Emily Morse, and More on Sex Out Loud series from ANME
1/24/14 Good Vibrations President Wins Progressive Leadership Award at the 2014 XBIZ Awards
1/21/14 Good Vibrations’ Joel Kaminsky to Keynote the XBIZ 360 Conference
1/17/14 Good Vibrations Raises Thousands for National Breast Cancer Coalition
12/30/13 Good Vibrations and Tristan Taormino Offer Insight into the Future of Sex
12/23/13 Good Vibrations Opens Eighth Store in Downtown San Francisco, CA
10/29/13 Good Vibrations Opens Seventh Store in Palo Alto, CA
10/15/13 Sweden Studies Harmful Effects of Pthalates in Sex Toys
10/11/13 Let’s Hear it for the Boys: Men’s Sex Toy Sales Take Off
10/8/13 Good Vibes across America- Spot the Sexologist on her East Coast Tour!
10/2/13 Good Vibrations Executive Vice President Jackie Strano Acknowledges Dr. Joycelyn Elders for her Courage around Sexual Health and Wellness
10/1/13 Good Vibrations Partners with Vibrator Manufacturers and the National Breast Cancer Coalition to “Think outside the Pink”
9/13/13 Good Vibrations launches new weekly column “Sexy Sex Newsy News”
9/6/13 Good Vibrations Joins the Conversation at CatalystCon
9/4/13 Good Vibrations Celebrates Seventh Store Opening Soon
8/21/13 Vibrators Ease Menopause Symptoms
8/07/13 It's Official: Orgasms Are Good for Your Brain
8/01/13 Good Vibrations Declares August Anal Pleasure Month
7/10/13 Good Vibrations Partners with Planned Parenthood
5/1/13 Good Vibrations Celebrates Masturbation Month
5/1/13 Good Vibrations Reintroduces a Classic: The Original Magic Wand Vibrator
5/1/13 Good Vibrations Partners with Marriage Equality USA
2/6/13 Good Vibrations Celebrates National Condom Week
2/1/13 Good Vibrations GiVe Program Partners with New Regional Non-Profits
1/21/13 Good Vibrations' Berkeley Celebrates Grand Re-Opening
11/14/12 Good Vibrations' QUICKIES Short Erotic Film Competition a Sexy Success
11/13/12 Sex and Media, Medicine, Politics & Pop Culture Get their Due at Good Vibrations’ 2012 Sex Summit Conference
11/12/12 Good Vibrations Partners with Planned Parenthood
09/18/12 Good Vibrations Supports the National Breast Cancer Coalition Through its Nonprofit Partnership
09/07/12 Good Vibrations Announces 2012 SEX SUMMIT
07/27/12 Good Vibrations Declares August “Anal Pleasure Month”
06/01/12 Good Vibrations Celebrates Gay Marriage by Supporting Non-profit Marriage Equality USA
05/29/12 Fifty Shades of Exploration: Best Selling Erotica Opens Up a Kinky Conversation
05/18/12 Good Vibrations’ Seventh Annual Indie Erotic Film Festival Call for Entries!
05/17/12 Happy Campers Get in Shape at the Kegel Kegger!
05/14/12 Customer Loyalty Rewards? We Have an App for That!
05/08/12 Good Vibrations Announces 2012 Sex Summit
04/26/12 Good Vibrations to Throw the Mother of All Playdates
04/19/12 Sex Toy Sustainability Survey from Good Vibrations Reveals Fascinating Findings and a Few Surprises
04/03/12 Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum Grand Opening
04/01/12 Good Vibrations Celebrates Spring With Environmental Non-Profit Partnerships in its Six Retail Stores
03/01/12 Good Vibrations Celebrates 35 Years of Pleasure
02/12/12 Good Vibrations Celebrates National Condom Week
02/01/12 Good Vibrations Supports Diverse Regional Non-profits with its Six Retail Stores
01/03/12 Good Vibrations Celebrates Sixth Store in Oakland’s Lakeshore District with a Grand Opening Party Featuring Kandi Burruss
12/07/11 Good Vibrations Nominated for Ten Awards In Three Different Business Divisions by AVN
12/01/11 Good Vibrations Honors World AIDS Day with Educational Workshop
11/15/11 Good Vibrations Joins the Fight Against Hunger
11/15/11 Good Vibrations Nominated for Three Awards including "Retailer of the Year" by XBIZ
11/7/11 Baby, It's Warm Inside! Good Vibrations Sexy Holiday Gift Kits
11/2/11 Who's Afraid of a Vibrator? Not Him!
10/26/11 Good Vibrations Co-Presents "Sex At Dawn" author Christopher Ryan
10/6/11 Good Vibrations’ Pink Power Campaign Yields Passion and Proceeds in the Fight Against Breast Cancer
10/5/11 See the Original Vibrators Featured in ‘Hysteria’ at Good Vibrations’ Antique Vibrator Museum
9/28/11 Good Vibrations’ Sixth Annual Independent Erotic Film Festival Successfully Celebrated Sex Positivity on the Silver Screen
9/27/11 How Ecorotic Are You? Good Vibrations Launches Green Sex Toy Ratings System.
9/12/11 Good Vibrations Promotes the Power of Pink With National Breast Cancer Coalition Partnership and Promotion
9/12/11 Good Vibrations Brings Sex Ed to American Colleges with Megan Andelloux's Study Sex College Tour
8/25/11 Good Vibrations'Independent Erotic Film Festival Presents Gay Porn Panel, Clip Show, and "Smut Capital of America"
8/19/11 Good Vibrations' IXFF Presents: Presents: A Night of Lust: Explicit Erotic Shorts by Erika Lust (Spain)
8/18/11 Good Vibrations' Antique Vibrator Collection Featured in Upcoming Hollywood Film "Hysteria"
8/15/11 Good Vibrations' IXFF Presents: Susie Bright's "How To Read a Dirty Movie"
8/11/11 Good Vibrations' Sixth Annual Independent Erotic Film Festival Celebrates Smut and Sex-Positivity on the Big Screen
8/9/11 Good Vibrations Declares August "Anal Pleasure Month"
8/3/11 Good Vibrations Offers the Burning Man Safer Sex Kit
7/12/11 San Francisco Declared "Greenest City in North America;" Good Vibrations Greens the Bedrooms Too
7/12/11 Good Vibrations Awarded "Retailer of the Year" by STOREROTICA Magazine
7/11/11 Traveling with Sex Toys: Flying the Sexy Skies
7/7/11 Good Vibrations' Sister Company, Good Releasing Wins PorYes European Feminist Porn Award for "Gush"
6/14/11 Good Vibrations Featured on Playboy TV's "The Stash"
6/8/11 Good Vibrations Nominated for Three Prestigiuos "O" Awards at the 2011 AVN Show
6/8/11 Good Vibrations Nominated "Retailer of the Year" by StorErotica Magazine
5/25/11 Good Vibrations Partners with Regional LGBTQ Non-Profits in Stores and Online
5/25/11 6th Annual Independent Erotic Film Festival - Call For Entrees
5/6/11 Fans & Critics Gush over Good Vibrations' world premiere screening of Gush
4/28/11 Mother's Day Mommy Playdate May 3rd at Good Vibrations
4/27/11 Good Vibrations presents the world premiere screening of Gush
4/25/11 Good Vibrations Celebrates 17th National Masturbation Month in May
4/18/11 Good Vibrations' sister company, Good Releasing Wins Three Feminist Porn Awards
3/31/11 Good Vibrations Partners with Planned Parenthood
3/29/11 Good Releasing Announces GUSH: The Official Guide to the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation
3/17/11 Good Releasing gets Ten Feminist Porn Nominations
3/9/11 Good Vibrations Celebrates 34th Birthday
2/11/11 Good Vibrations Awarded "Boutique Retailer of the Year"
2/7/11 Good Vibrations Partners with Lyon-Martin Health Services
1/10/11 Good Vibrations Awarded "Best Retail Chain" at AVN Awards
1/5/11 Good Releasing/GV Wholesale Announces Pink & White Productions DVD Distribution
12/15/10 Good Vibrations Officially Announces Playdates for Mommies Only
12/15/10 Turn Up the Heat With Sexy Valentine's Kits
12/15/10 Give the Gift of Romance with Good Vibrations Sensual Gift Kits
12/02/10 Good Vibrations and Good Releasing Celebrate Multiple AVN Nominations
11/04/10 Good Vibrations Holiday GiVes to Three Non-Profits
10/28/10 Good Vibrations Vibrate the Vote
10/18/10 Good Vibrations Opens New Downtown Store
08/17/10 Good Vibrations Sponsors Screening of Hugh Hefner Documentary
08/09/10 Good Vibrations Wins Prestigious "O" Award 2010 for Best Online Retailer
08/03/10 Good Vibrations Declares August "Anal Pleasure Month"
07/28/10 Good Vibrations Hosts Info-Party for Marriage Equality USA, Donations Partner
07/28/10 Fans of Female-Focused Erotic Cinema will Find "Matinee" an Afternoon Delight
06/7/10 Good Vibrations Celebrates SF Pride with Art and Dyke March Festivities
05/10/10 Good Releasing Debuts a Special Site Just for Moms!
05/10/10 Good Releasing Celebrates 16th National Masturbation Month
05/10/10 Good Releasing Launches Mobile Site for Smartphones
04/13/10 Good Releasing Awarded Three Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto
04/01/10 Penny Slinger
03/24/10 "As Seen on Oprah"
03/10/10 Good Vibrations 33rd Birthday
03/10/10 Good Vibrations Affiliate Program
03/10/10 Good Vibrations GiVe Donates to Global Environmental Justice
03/10/10 Good Vibrations welcomes Good Releasing's Pleasure-Ed Series
02/01/10 Good Vibrations proclaims February as National G-spot Month
1/26/10 Good Vibrations to Support American Red Cross in Haiti Relief Efforts
1/11/10 Say "Be Mine" with Good Vibrations Sexy Valentine's Kits
12/04/09 Good Vibrations and Good Releasing Nominated for Prestigious AVN Awards
12/04/09 Good Vibrations Officially Announces Playdates for Mommies Only
12/04/09 Exciting New Line Up of Films and Products at 2010 Adult Entertainment Expo
12/04/09 Good Vibrations Announces New Philanthropic Initiative
09/18/09 Good Vibrations Launches New Video Production Company "Good Releasing"
09/01/09 GV Welcomes Chief Operating Officer Jackie Strano
07/29/09 IXFF Celebrates Indie Filmmakers with a Week of Events in San Francisco
07/15/09 Good Vibrations wins Outstanding Online Retailer ANE 'O' Award
07/01/09 Earth Angel Vibrator added to Good Vibrations Ecorotic™ Sex Toy Line
04/30/09 Masturbate-a-thon 2009
04/20/09 Good Vibrations Launches Brand Ambassador Program
04/13/09 Good Vibrations Announces IXFF: THE SECOND COMING TOUR
04/13/09 Good Vibrations Launches Ecorotic™ Collection of Eco-friendly Products
04/13/09 Good Vibrations Relaunches Website with Sophisticated New Design
04/07/09 Good Vibes Adopts Newest Form of Social Networking - Twitter
02/27/09 Good Vibrations University - Sex Postive Adult Retail Education
01/16/09 Sustains Strong Business Despite Recession
11/3/08 Which Political Party is Kinkier? The Surprising Results of GV's Sex Survey
1/25/08 Good Vibrations Celebrates Valentine's with Queen of Hearts Ball
9/24/07 Good Vibrations, Date-Night Destination with Free GV Weekend Events
9/10/07 Good Vibrations Introduces Me, An Indulgent New Bath and Body Line
8/8/07 Good Vibrations Receives Award of Excellence
7/10/07 GV's Funky Birthday Bash Celebrates Dr. Carol Queen's 50th Birthday
6/19/07 Women Don't Need a "G-Shot" If We Take the Time to Understand Arousal - P.1
6/19/07 Women Don't Need a "G-Shot" If We Take the Time to Understand Arousal - P. 2
6/14/07 Women Like Me Education Campaign on Women's Sexual Health and Wellness
6/12/07 Duane Cramer's Photography Exhibit at GV Gallery
6/5/07 GV Statement on G-Spot Surgery: Natural Process of Arousal Is Primary
5/18/07 Good Vibrations Introduces New Lube with a Look and Feel That's Sure to Please
5/14/07 GV's Sexy Solution to Commuter Stress After Oakland Freeway Collapse
5/9/07 GV Celebrates National Masturbation Month
4/27/07 Good Vibrations President and CEO Theresa Sparks Sworn In for Second Term
4/19/07 GV Signs US Exclusive Deal with Australian Ceramic Sex Toy Artisan Goldfrau
3/1/07 Dr. Betty L. Sullivan Joins GV as Director of Special Programs and Content
2/27/07 Good Vibrations Announces a Phase-out Policy of all Phthalate Sex Toys
11/13/06 Margaret Cho Joins the Board Of Directors for Good Vibrations
11/12/06 Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex: A Sexuality, Health and Wellness workshop
7/15/06 Good Vibrations Announces GVU, an Online Interactive Customer Training Program for Wholesale Customers
6/25/06 Gender Identity Explored in Award-Winning Photos Ground-breaking photo-documentary on transsexuals
05/15/06 Good Vibrations Hosts Author Discussion about Recipes for Stirring Female Pleasure: A Piece of CAKE
05/17/06 Center for Sex and Culture Hosts 9th Annual Masturbate-A-Thon To Give A Rise To All Participants
04/11/06 Good Vibrations Announces Sponsorship In the 7th Annual "You Oughta Be in Pictures," Amateur Adult Film Festival
03/30/06 Bachelorette Party Favors For Bride's Night Out
03/29/06 Good Vibrations Restructures Into a First-of-its-Kind Business Model
03/23/06 Two Art Events: The Second Annual Kink Ink Art Event And Gotham's Fantasies To Benefit The Center for Sex and Culture
03/10/06 The San Francisco Trans March, largest transgender event in history!
03/09/06 Compton's Cafeteria Riots 40th Anniversary Commemoration Kick-Off
02/13/06 Good Vibrations to Host Swank Soiree for Dr. Barbara Keesling Professor, Therapist, and Former Sex Surrogate Publishes 12th Book, Opus: "Sexual Healing"
02/06/06 The Center for Sex and Culture Welcomes a Legend: Xaviera Hollander
02/2/06 Good Vibrations Announces Educational Alliance with the Center For Sex and Culture
01/15/06 Good Vibrations Expands its Retail Presence Into the Greater Boston Area
8/17/05 Good Vibrations Leads Cooperative Towards a New Business Model
7/14/05 Good Vibrations Unveils Face Lift at AVN Adult Novelty Expo in Pasadena, July 18-20, 2005
7/29/05 August is Anal Sex Month: Good Vibrations Says It's One National Holiday Worth Getting Behind
6/24/05 Good Vibrations Celebrates San Francisco Pride 2005 by "Taking Pleasure to the Streets"
4/29/05 Good Vibrations Celebrates 10th Annual National Masturbation Month in May 2005
4/11/05 Good Vibrations Unveils Wholesale Division at International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas
12/16/04 Good Vibrations Announces Holiday Ball - Three Rings of Debauchery Guaranteed