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How To Choose Your First Vibrator
By: Good Vibrations - 07/28/2022
Maybe you’ve scrolled our site and said to yourself, “How could there be this many vibrators?” We hear it in person all the time when people walk into our stores and see a whole wall full of them.
Best Beginner BDSM Toys
By: Good Vibrations - 07/22/2022
Check out the top 8 beginner BDSM toys from the experts!
Top Picks for Trans Guys!
By: Good Vibrations - 06/22/2022
This one is for our fellow trans masc fam out there! As a quick disclaimer, we want to note that there isn’t one way to be trans, or transmasculine in this case.
Trans Femme Faves!
By: Educator Andy Duran - 06/18/2022
This one's for the dolls! More often than not, when it comes to making and selling toys for women, trans women are often ignored completely
Vibrators—They’re Good for You!
By: Good Vibrations - 05/18/2022
Ever since we started National Masturbation Month in 1995 (actually, ever since we started Good Vibrations!) we’ve been telling you that masturbation is good for you.
Harnessing Your Pleasure: Strap-On 101
By: Good Vibrations - 05/06/2022
It's time to strap into gear! Whether strap-on play has been on your sexual “to-do” list for quite some time, or if you’re just beginning to curiously browse dildos and harnesses – getting started can be intimidating.
Hey Baby Baby… (There’s a Lube for That!)
By: Good Vibrations - 07/22/2021
If you're looking for lube while trying to conceive, we got you covered! When our founder Joani Blank first planned the tiny little store that would become Good Vibrations, she had some strong ideas about what she wanted to offer