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Feeling comfortable about sex is empowering—and so is deciding that you want to embark on the journey that gets you there. Sexual empowerment encompasses wellness, consent and communication, supporting others in their journey, knowing who you are, and seeking out compatible partners and supportive community.

There are so many erotic options out there, inside the realm of pleasure products and beyond! We’re here to offer some resources to explore and engage. Below you’ll find articles that may pique your interest and help you understand what types of play and products are right for your preferences and lifestyle.

Our Product Picks for Beginners

Selecting sensual products should be a very personalized experience, and there are several important things to consider. Not all sex toys are created equal, so we take great pride in ensuring our products are carefully curated by our sex educators.  Not only do we embrace diversity in people, we believe in the importance of offering a diverse selection of products to satisfy a multitude of different sensations people find pleasurable. Our collection of products are made of body-safe, quality materials, that can be enjoyed by people of all identities and body types.