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Good Vibrations Press Releases

Good Vibrations has been the media source for sex-positive information on premium sex toys, books and videos for over 30 years -- how many 30-somethings can boast that kind of reputation? Whether you're looking for a quote from our sexperts, sound sex advice or the latest in high-quality sex toys, you'll find it here. Below, find information about Good Vibrations and our latest press releases. For more information on Good Vibrations, please email Photographs and product samples are also available.

Recent Press Releases

5/30/17 Good Vibes Solo Sex Survey Results Are In!
5/12/17 Good Vibrations Honors GiVe Program Donation Recipients at Oakland Reception
4/17/17 Good Vibrations Hosts Build-A-Vibe Workshop
4/6/17 Good Vibrations Celebrates 40 Years of Pleasure with festive Bling My Vibe Contest and event
12/28/16 Good Vibrations Harvard Square Grand Opening Party
10/25/16 More Good Vibes for Boston MA
10/17/16 Giving Can Be Better Than Receiving
9/14/16 Good Vibrations Launches Book Club on Goodreads!
7/5/16 Good Vibrations hosts a special Consent Culture Reception & Conversation at Palo Alto Store
3/25/16 Trans Rights a Focus at CatalystCon Chicago
3/1/16 Fun Factory Partners with Good Vibrations for Exclusive New Vibrator Release
1/28/16 Orgasms Are A Girl’s Best Friend: Good Vibrations Valentine’s Gift Guide for Everyone
1/19/16 Good Vibrations Wins Two Top Adult Retailer Industry Awards!
10/26/15 Good Vibrations Proudly Partners with Planned Parenthood & Local Non-Profits
10/8/15 Good Vibrations Releases the Most Comprehensive, Compassionate, and Inclusive Sex Book Ever!
8/25/15 Good Vibrations celebrates the official launch of THE Sex & Pleasure Book: Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex for Everyone
7/21/15 Good Vibrations Brings THE New Way to Orgasm
4/29/15 Good Vibrations Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of International Masturbation Month in May 2015
3/26/15 Good Vibrations Brings the Magic to CatalystCon
1/19/15 Good Vibrations Wins at Xbiz 2015
12/31/14 The Year in Sex: Good Vibrations' 2014 Year in Review
11/26/14 Good Vibrations Hosts Holiday Launch Party for Revolutionary App-Controlled Vibrator at its Valencia Street store in San Francisco, CA.
10/24/14 Good Vibrations celebrates Sexy at Every Size at Abundance event
9/10/14 Good Vibrations Goes All Out at CatalystCon.
7/18/14 Good Vibrations Hosts Launch Party for Revolutionary App-Controlled Vibrator at its Palo Alto, CA Store.
7/9/14 Join the Consent Revolution!
6/10/14 Sex-Positive Retailer Helps Patrons “Harness” Pleasure
5/8/14 Good Vibrations Partners with Regional LGBTQ Nonprofits
4/29/14 Good Vibrations Celebrates 19th International Masturbation Month
2/24/14 Good Vibrations sponsoring University of Tennessee-Knoxville Sex Week
2/20/14 Good Vibrations Sponsors 2014 Feminist Porn Conference
2/19/14 Good Vibrations Facilitates the Conversation at CatalystCon
2/4/14 Good Vibrations Celebrates Eighth Store with Grand Opening Party in Bustling Downtown San Francisco
2/1/14 Good Vibrations Partners with Regional Nonprofit Partners
1/31/14 Good Vibrations Wins Progressive Retailer of the Year and President Joel Kaminsky Wins Progressive Leadership Award at the 2014 XBIZ Awards
1/28/14 Tristan Taormino Interviews Coco, Emily Morse, and More on Sex Out Loud series from ANME
1/24/14 Good Vibrations President Wins Progressive Leadership Award at the 2014 XBIZ Awards
1/21/14 Good Vibrations’ Joel Kaminsky to Keynote the XBIZ 360 Conference
1/17/14 Good Vibrations Raises Thousands for National Breast Cancer Coalition
12/30/13 Good Vibrations and Tristan Taormino Offer Insight into the Future of Sex
12/23/13 Good Vibrations Opens Eighth Store in Downtown San Francisco, CA
10/29/13 Good Vibrations Opens Seventh Store in Palo Alto, CA
10/15/13 Sweden Studies Harmful Effects of Pthalates in Sex Toys
10/11/13 Let’s Hear it for the Boys: Men’s Sex Toy Sales Take Off
10/8/13 Good Vibes across America- Spot the Sexologist on her East Coast Tour!
10/2/13 Good Vibrations Executive Vice President Jackie Strano Acknowledges Dr. Joycelyn Elders for her Courage around Sexual Health and Wellness
10/1/13 Good Vibrations Partners with Vibrator Manufacturers and the National Breast Cancer Coalition to “Think outside the Pink”
9/13/13 Good Vibrations launches new weekly column “Sexy Sex Newsy News”
9/6/13 Good Vibrations Joins the Conversation at CatalystCon
9/4/13 Good Vibrations Celebrates Seventh Store Opening Soon
8/21/13 Vibrators Ease Menopause Symptoms
8/07/13 It's Official: Orgasms Are Good for Your Brain
8/01/13 Good Vibrations Declares August Anal Pleasure Month
7/10/13 Good Vibrations Partners with Planned Parenthood
5/1/13 Good Vibrations Celebrates Masturbation Month
5/1/13 Good Vibrations Reintroduces a Classic: The Original Magic Wand Vibrator
5/1/13 Good Vibrations Partners with Marriage Equality USA
2/6/13 Good Vibrations Celebrates National Condom Week
2/1/13 Good Vibrations GiVe Program Partners with New Regional Non-Profits
1/21/13 Good Vibrations' Berkeley Celebrates Grand Re-Opening
11/14/12 Good Vibrations' QUICKIES Short Erotic Film Competition a Sexy Success
11/13/12 Sex and Media, Medicine, Politics & Pop Culture Get their Due at Good Vibrations’ 2012 Sex Summit Conference
11/12/12 Good Vibrations Partners with Planned Parenthood
09/18/12 Good Vibrations Supports the National Breast Cancer Coalition Through its Nonprofit Partnership
09/07/12 Good Vibrations Announces 2012 SEX SUMMIT
07/27/12 Good Vibrations Declares August “Anal Pleasure Month”
06/01/12 Good Vibrations Celebrates Gay Marriage by Supporting Non-profit Marriage Equality USA
05/29/12 Fifty Shades of Exploration: Best Selling Erotica Opens Up a Kinky Conversation
05/18/12 Good Vibrations’ Seventh Annual Indie Erotic Film Festival Call for Entries!
05/17/12 Happy Campers Get in Shape at the Kegel Kegger!
05/14/12 Customer Loyalty Rewards? We Have an App for That!
05/08/12 Good Vibrations Announces 2012 Sex Summit
04/26/12 Good Vibrations to Throw the Mother of All Playdates
04/19/12 Sex Toy Sustainability Survey from Good Vibrations Reveals Fascinating Findings and a Few Surprises
04/03/12 Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum Grand Opening
04/01/12 Good Vibrations Celebrates Spring With Environmental Non-Profit Partnerships in its Six Retail Stores
03/01/12 Good Vibrations Celebrates 35 Years of Pleasure
02/12/12 Good Vibrations Celebrates National Condom Week
02/01/12 Good Vibrations Supports Diverse Regional Non-profits with its Six Retail Stores
01/03/12 Good Vibrations Celebrates Sixth Store in Oakland’s Lakeshore District with a Grand Opening Party Featuring Kandi Burruss
12/07/11 Good Vibrations Nominated for Ten Awards In Three Different Business Divisions by AVN
12/01/11 Good Vibrations Honors World AIDS Day with Educational Workshop
11/15/11 Good Vibrations Joins the Fight Against Hunger
11/15/11 Good Vibrations Nominated for Three Awards including "Retailer of the Year" by XBIZ
11/7/11 Baby, It's Warm Inside! Good Vibrations Sexy Holiday Gift Kits
11/2/11 Who's Afraid of a Vibrator? Not Him!
10/26/11 Good Vibrations Co-Presents "Sex At Dawn" author Christopher Ryan
10/6/11 Good Vibrations’ Pink Power Campaign Yields Passion and Proceeds in the Fight Against Breast Cancer
10/5/11 See the Original Vibrators Featured in ‘Hysteria’ at Good Vibrations’ Antique Vibrator Museum
9/28/11 Good Vibrations’ Sixth Annual Independent Erotic Film Festival Successfully Celebrated Sex Positivity on the Silver Screen
9/27/11 How Ecorotic Are You? Good Vibrations Launches Green Sex Toy Ratings System.
9/12/11 Good Vibrations Promotes the Power of Pink With National Breast Cancer Coalition Partnership and Promotion
9/12/11 Good Vibrations Brings Sex Ed to American Colleges with Megan Andelloux's Study Sex College Tour
8/25/11 Good Vibrations'Independent Erotic Film Festival Presents Gay Porn Panel, Clip Show, and "Smut Capital of America"
8/19/11 Good Vibrations' IXFF Presents: Presents: A Night of Lust: Explicit Erotic Shorts by Erika Lust (Spain)
8/18/11 Good Vibrations' Antique Vibrator Collection Featured in Upcoming Hollywood Film "Hysteria"
8/15/11 Good Vibrations' IXFF Presents: Susie Bright's "How To Read a Dirty Movie"
8/11/11 Good Vibrations' Sixth Annual Independent Erotic Film Festival Celebrates Smut and Sex-Positivity on the Big Screen
8/9/11 Good Vibrations Declares August "Anal Pleasure Month"
8/3/11 Good Vibrations Offers the Burning Man Safer Sex Kit
7/12/11 San Francisco Declared "Greenest City in North America;" Good Vibrations Greens the Bedrooms Too
7/12/11 Good Vibrations Awarded "Retailer of the Year" by STOREROTICA Magazine
7/11/11 Traveling with Sex Toys: Flying the Sexy Skies
7/7/11 Good Vibrations' Sister Company, Good Releasing Wins PorYes European Feminist Porn Award for "Gush"
6/14/11 Good Vibrations Featured on Playboy TV's "The Stash"
6/8/11 Good Vibrations Nominated for Three Prestigiuos "O" Awards at the 2011 AVN Show
6/8/11 Good Vibrations Nominated "Retailer of the Year" by StorErotica Magazine
5/25/11 Good Vibrations Partners with Regional LGBTQ Non-Profits in Stores and Online
5/25/11 6th Annual Independent Erotic Film Festival - Call For Entrees
5/6/11 Fans & Critics Gush over Good Vibrations' world premiere screening of Gush
4/28/11 Mother's Day Mommy Playdate May 3rd at Good Vibrations
4/27/11 Good Vibrations presents the world premiere screening of Gush
4/25/11 Good Vibrations Celebrates 17th National Masturbation Month in May
4/18/11 Good Vibrations' sister company, Good Releasing Wins Three Feminist Porn Awards
3/31/11 Good Vibrations Partners with Planned Parenthood
3/29/11 Good Releasing Announces GUSH: The Official Guide to the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation
3/17/11 Good Releasing gets Ten Feminist Porn Nominations
3/9/11 Good Vibrations Celebrates 34th Birthday
2/11/11 Good Vibrations Awarded "Boutique Retailer of the Year"
2/7/11 Good Vibrations Partners with Lyon-Martin Health Services
1/10/11 Good Vibrations Awarded "Best Retail Chain" at AVN Awards
1/5/11 Good Releasing/GV Wholesale Announces Pink & White Productions DVD Distribution
12/15/10 Good Vibrations Officially Announces Playdates for Mommies Only
12/15/10 Turn Up the Heat With Sexy Valentine's Kits
12/15/10 Give the Gift of Romance with Good Vibrations Sensual Gift Kits
12/02/10 Good Vibrations and Good Releasing Celebrate Multiple AVN Nominations
11/04/10 Good Vibrations Holiday GiVes to Three Non-Profits
10/28/10 Good Vibrations Vibrate the Vote
10/18/10 Good Vibrations Opens New Downtown Store
08/17/10 Good Vibrations Sponsors Screening of Hugh Hefner Documentary
08/09/10 Good Vibrations Wins Prestigious "O" Award 2010 for Best Online Retailer
08/03/10 Good Vibrations Declares August "Anal Pleasure Month"
07/28/10 Good Vibrations Hosts Info-Party for Marriage Equality USA, Donations Partner
07/28/10 Fans of Female-Focused Erotic Cinema will Find "Matinee" an Afternoon Delight
06/7/10 Good Vibrations Celebrates SF Pride with Art and Dyke March Festivities
05/10/10 Good Releasing Debuts a Special Site Just for Moms!
05/10/10 Good Releasing Celebrates 16th National Masturbation Month
05/10/10 Good Releasing Launches Mobile Site for Smartphones
04/13/10 Good Releasing Awarded Three Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto
04/01/10 Penny Slinger
03/24/10 "As Seen on Oprah"
03/10/10 Good Vibrations 33rd Birthday
03/10/10 Good Vibrations Affiliate Program
03/10/10 Good Vibrations GiVe Donates to Global Environmental Justice
03/10/10 Good Vibrations welcomes Good Releasing's Pleasure-Ed Series
02/01/10 Good Vibrations proclaims February as National G-spot Month
1/26/10 Good Vibrations to Support American Red Cross in Haiti Relief Efforts
1/11/10 Say "Be Mine" with Good Vibrations Sexy Valentine's Kits
12/04/09 Good Vibrations and Good Releasing Nominated for Prestigious AVN Awards
12/04/09 Good Vibrations Officially Announces Playdates for Mommies Only
12/04/09 Exciting New Line Up of Films and Products at 2010 Adult Entertainment Expo
12/04/09 Good Vibrations Announces New Philanthropic Initiative
09/18/09 Good Vibrations Launches New Video Production Company "Good Releasing"
09/01/09 GV Welcomes Chief Operating Officer Jackie Strano
07/29/09 IXFF Celebrates Indie Filmmakers with a Week of Events in San Francisco
07/15/09 Good Vibrations wins Outstanding Online Retailer ANE 'O' Award
07/01/09 Earth Angel Vibrator added to Good Vibrations Ecorotic™ Sex Toy Line
04/30/09 Masturbate-a-thon 2009
04/20/09 Good Vibrations Launches Brand Ambassador Program
04/13/09 Good Vibrations Announces IXFF: THE SECOND COMING TOUR
04/13/09 Good Vibrations Launches Ecorotic™ Collection of Eco-friendly Products
04/13/09 Good Vibrations Relaunches Website with Sophisticated New Design
04/07/09 Good Vibes Adopts Newest Form of Social Networking - Twitter
02/27/09 Good Vibrations University - Sex Postive Adult Retail Education
01/16/09 Sustains Strong Business Despite Recession
11/3/08 Which Political Party is Kinkier? The Surprising Results of GV's Sex Survey
1/25/08 Good Vibrations Celebrates Valentine's with Queen of Hearts Ball
9/24/07 Good Vibrations, Date-Night Destination with Free GV Weekend Events
9/10/07 Good Vibrations Introduces Me, An Indulgent New Bath and Body Line
8/8/07 Good Vibrations Receives Award of Excellence
7/10/07 GV's Funky Birthday Bash Celebrates Dr. Carol Queen's 50th Birthday
6/19/07 Women Don't Need a "G-Shot" If We Take the Time to Understand Arousal - P.1
6/19/07 Women Don't Need a "G-Shot" If We Take the Time to Understand Arousal - P. 2
6/14/07 Women Like Me Education Campaign on Women's Sexual Health and Wellness
6/12/07 Duane Cramer's Photography Exhibit at GV Gallery
6/5/07 GV Statement on G-Spot Surgery: Natural Process of Arousal Is Primary
5/18/07 Good Vibrations Introduces New Lube with a Look and Feel That's Sure to Please
5/14/07 GV's Sexy Solution to Commuter Stress After Oakland Freeway Collapse
5/9/07 GV Celebrates National Masturbation Month
4/27/07 Good Vibrations President and CEO Theresa Sparks Sworn In for Second Term
4/19/07 GV Signs US Exclusive Deal with Australian Ceramic Sex Toy Artisan Goldfrau
3/1/07 Dr. Betty L. Sullivan Joins GV as Director of Special Programs and Content
2/27/07 Good Vibrations Announces a Phase-out Policy of all Phthalate Sex Toys
11/13/06 Margaret Cho Joins the Board Of Directors for Good Vibrations
11/12/06 Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex: A Sexuality, Health and Wellness workshop
7/15/06 Good Vibrations Announces GVU, an Online Interactive Customer Training Program for Wholesale Customers
6/25/06 Gender Identity Explored in Award-Winning Photos Ground-breaking photo-documentary on transsexuals
05/15/06 Good Vibrations Hosts Author Discussion about Recipes for Stirring Female Pleasure: A Piece of CAKE
05/17/06 Center for Sex and Culture Hosts 9th Annual Masturbate-A-Thon To Give A Rise To All Participants
04/11/06 Good Vibrations Announces Sponsorship In the 7th Annual "You Oughta Be in Pictures," Amateur Adult Film Festival
03/30/06 Bachelorette Party Favors For Bride's Night Out
03/29/06 Good Vibrations Restructures Into a First-of-its-Kind Business Model
03/23/06 Two Art Events: The Second Annual Kink Ink Art Event And Gotham's Fantasies To Benefit The Center for Sex and Culture
03/10/06 The San Francisco Trans March, largest transgender event in history!
03/09/06 Compton's Cafeteria Riots 40th Anniversary Commemoration Kick-Off
02/13/06 Good Vibrations to Host Swank Soiree for Dr. Barbara Keesling Professor, Therapist, and Former Sex Surrogate Publishes 12th Book, Opus: "Sexual Healing"
02/06/06 The Center for Sex and Culture Welcomes a Legend: Xaviera Hollander
02/2/06 Good Vibrations Announces Educational Alliance with the Center For Sex and Culture
01/15/06 Good Vibrations Expands its Retail Presence Into the Greater Boston Area
8/17/05 Good Vibrations Leads Cooperative Towards a New Business Model
7/14/05 Good Vibrations Unveils Face Lift at AVN Adult Novelty Expo in Pasadena, July 18-20, 2005
7/29/05 August is Anal Sex Month: Good Vibrations Says It's One National Holiday Worth Getting Behind
6/24/05 Good Vibrations Celebrates San Francisco Pride 2005 by "Taking Pleasure to the Streets"
4/29/05 Good Vibrations Celebrates 10th Annual National Masturbation Month in May 2005
4/11/05 Good Vibrations Unveils Wholesale Division at International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas
12/16/04 Good Vibrations Announces Holiday Ball - Three Rings of Debauchery Guaranteed