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Wand Style Vibrators


Browse our selection of the best and most popular wand vibrators to find your ideal design. Our compact wand-style vibrators come with varying intensity levels and massage patterns. Equipped with flexible necks, broad contoured heads and ergonomic handles, they are ready to take you on a journey of pleasure.

The flag-bearer for this entire category is the Magic Wand, which came in the year 1968 (it was then known as the Hitachi, but is now simply the Magic Wand). Since then, the device originally introduced as a body massager took the world by storm as an expert favorite sexual wellness toy in the United States, and eventually around the world.

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What is a Wand Vibrator?

The wand vibrator entered the industry as a body massager but eventually found its original purpose as a tool for intensive stimulation. All of it started with the Magic Wand, back in 1968 when sexual awareness and societal evolution movements were at their peak. The Magic Wand's entry led to the inception of an entire category in the sexual wellness toys industry.

One of the major proponents of the Magic Wand was Betty Dodson. As a sex expert and educator, she taught patients how to achieve orgasm using the classic Hitachi Magic Wand in the 70s. Since then, the Magic Wand has been referred to as "The Cadillac of Vibrators" and "The Mother of all Vibrators".

A present-day wand-type vibrator consists of a ball-shaped vibrating head on the top and ergonomic handle that features the power button and intensity-adjusting buttons. The top is connected to a high-frequency vibrating motor that is within the handle and vibrates the tool with a powerful intensity that’s perfect for pleasure.

Many designs have a slightly flexible neck that allows the wand to bend for better and easier positioning during use. The soft silicone head works like magic for external massage and internal stimulation. That said, this massager vibrator can be used on the entire body as well as for clitoral stimulation, and even for prostate and G-spot stimulation by the vibration strength from outside of the body.

The wand vibrators have a unique design usually composed of a soft, bulbous head flexibly connected to an easy-to-grip handle. Smooth silicone coat, different power intensities and impressive vibration strength provided by powerful motors, quick charge and extended battery life, or a plug-in power source for extra strong motors. These and other features have made the wand-type vibrators the first choice for millions.

Experience the Magic of Pleasure: From Body Massage and External Stimulation to Wand Orgasm

Wand vibrators have remained popular for over half a century now, and are consistently at the top of our list of best-selling sex toys. These iconically-shaped vibes are typically made from premium, non-toxic materials that are safe to hand and use.

At Good Vibes, we carry a varied selection of the best classic wand and mini wand vibrator designs, including the styles with curved shafts and anal-safe attachments, ideal for adding to your wand to target your internal erogenous zones like the P-spot or G-spot.

Want to know more about the wand vibrators and why they are one of the favorite discreet vibes for so many? Check the top features and main benefits of the most popular designs:

  • Gender-Neutral: Wand vibrators are quite effective in delivering intense vibrations that can stimulate not only the clitoris, but the penis and testicles too. Whether it's for external stimulation for clitoral orgasms, P-spot stimulation, or erotic massage, a compact wand massager can do it all.
  • Stimulating: While most vibrators focus more on 'buzz' sensations, the powerful vibration from a wand vibrator goes deeper. When used on the body, it can stimulate muscles and nerves, and can potentially lead to a completely euphoric experience. Compact wand-style vibrators made from high-quality materials can be a great tool for all body types.
  • Relaxation and Relief: The classic magic wands are well-known for helping relieve muscle aches and tension and are often used for deep tissue massage as well as working out kinks and knots. Using your favorite wand during foreplay, penetration or simply as a body massager at different intensity levels can be a complete holistic experience.
  • Versatile: Wand massagers are very versatile intimate massagers, which is why they make a great option for users of all experience levels. Many enjoy using them for intensive stimulation, experimenting with vibration speeds and intensity power levels. Whether it's for nipples, testicles, P-spot or G-spot stimulation with an attachment or through external vibration, the flexible head and multiple intensity settings can handle it.
  • Practical: With the evolution of the tool, wand-style vibrators have become even more practical and easy to use. Nowadays, even extra powerful wand vibrators equipped with dual motors come in compact sizes. USB rechargeable with easy-to-reach power buttons, customizable intensity settings, extended battery life and even travel locks, modern smart wand designs can still hold true to their legendary power.

How to Use a Powerful Wand: Different Designs, Sizes, Motors and Vibration Modes

Wand-style vibrators can be used by anyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or genitals. They come in different sizes, sexy and original designs, typically with several vibration settings and extended battery life. They are powerful enough to be used for massaging external zones and can also provide an incredible masturbation experience.

Easily controlled through textured buttons or an easy-to-use switch, powerful massage wand vibrators can be used at different vibration patterns and intensities. You can enjoy the precise rumbling vibrations or customize your experience using the attachment heads, such as an insertable attachment, larger or textured heads or a domed head designed to turn your wand into a penis toy / stroker. Moreover, just rubbing a magic wand vibrator up against erogenous zones like the clitoris or testicles can help reach intense orgasms.

Whatever your personal preferences, remember to pair your sex toy with a high-quality lube for additional sensation and pleasure.

Wand Vibrator FAQs

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While we carry a large collection of original Magic Wand designs and modern wand-style vibrating massagers, we also offer vibrating anal toys and other amazing sex toys for couples, great for internal and external stimulation. We offer a variety of remote controlled vibrators, waterproof vibrating sex wands, cordless wand options, rabbit vibrators, rechargeable mini bullet vibrators and so much more!