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Sailor Soft Pack

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The Sailor softskin packer is the perfect go-to for day-to-day wearing. Designed to fit comfortably into any packing garment, Sailor offers a realistic look and feel for packing.

Firm Core Soft Pack 1 Caramel (Medium)
Firm Core Soft Pack 1 Coffee (Dark)
Firm Core Soft Pack 1 Vanilla (Light)
Firm Core Soft Pack 2 Caramel (Medium)
Firm Core Soft Pack 2 Coffee (Dark)
Firm Core Soft Pack 2 Vanilla (Light)
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The Sailor softskin packer is the perfect go-to for day-to-day wearing. Designed to fit comfortably into any packing garment, Sailor offers a realistic look and feel for packing. The soft, squishable exterior and firm inner core allow for a more realistic feel when held or squeezed. We recommend wearing Sailor in a packing garment or packing undies such as the Pete as the Sailor will last longer than when worn in a traditional packing strap. We have found that the traditional straps create extra pressure on the point where the shaft and balls meet and can reduce the lifespan of your packer no matter which material the packer is made of. We recommend replacing your Sailor a couple times of year depending on the wear and tear of your packing garment. Sailor is not designed for, and is not firm enough for penetration. This is a latex-free product.

Sailor Soft Pack



Available in two sizes:
Sailor Soft Pack One - 4” long, 1 3/8” in diameter
Sailor Soft Pack Two - 5” long, 1 3/8” in diameter

Care and Cleaning

Brand: Pleasure Works

Product Details

Material: Softskin
Texture: Comfortable
Color: Skin Tones
Length: 5.7 inches or 4.7 inches
Diameter: 1 inches

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Sailor review. - December 28, 2017
Reviewed By: Benjamin

This prosthetic feels like a real non-erect penis. Very comfortable to wear. Can get a little hot in summer, but with cornstarch powder does not cause too much sweat. I wear it daily as a transmale and it helps with bottom dysphoria alot. Be aware not to clean by boiling. If you do it disintegrates.

Sailor Soft pack - June 21, 2017
Reviewed By: Benjamin

Finally I feel like a man. Although it's a prosthesis, it feels like a part of me, a part of my's a comfortable weight and size. Looks like a real penis when in the packer jock strap I got with it. I'm absolutely elated!

Wonderful - March 31, 2017
Reviewed By: csinp

So far so good. I got this 3 days ago and I must say it sure did improve the looks of my package when wearing it. I am small and this, at least, makes it look as though I have something to offer. It also feels great!

all in all, it's great! - November 19, 2016
Reviewed By: finnian

I received this packer this morning, this is also my first packer... I must say I like it a lot! It's a tad big for a small dude like me, even though I got the smallest one, it's very thick making the bulge really show, which I don't mind but some others might. All in all it's awesome, I'd rate it 5 stars but the size and also, like many others commented on the smell. Very candy like, I kinda liked it at the beginning but now it's giving me a headache. :^)

Great! - August 29, 2015
Reviewed By: UncleLesterbanana

I was a little skeptical at first since this was the first packer I bought. I got it yesterday and when I took it out, it had a realistic look and feel to it!

the smell is horrible, balls need work--overall not horrible - April 24, 2014
Reviewed By: DDGem

This product is not horrible but you guys HAVE TO DO SOMETHING about the wicked bad smell. It seriously stinks up my whole room AND underwear AND body after play time.


The shaft---no complaints, really, except it would be awesome to have something that went from flaccid to erect during play.

the balls?? too stiff. It would be so great (SO GREAT) to have a unit that had realistic balls that moved around in a softer sac.

With all the technology we have today, I'm surprised it's taking this long to make something truly realistic.

Thanks for the progress so far!

It used to be great, now its garbage. - January 3, 2014
Reviewed By: maxtoronto

I've been a GV customer since years and this product was my favorite. Since when the manufacter changed, the product is not the same anymore and now its..beyond garbage. First of all: the smell. I don't want to wear a packer that smells like a bakery shop for months, and theres no way to wash that smell away. Its so strong that everyone around you are gonna smell it as soon as you whip the packer out. The inner firmer core is gone, now its the same texture everywhere, shaft and balls. Rips EVERYWHERE after only a couple of days of use. The back peeled off after 9 days of moderate use.. it used to last months without even a single rip. And last but not least...the materials now easily give skin rashes. GV, you changed this awesome product but you've lost one of the most loyal customers out there. I will NOT purchase this piece of trash again until you'll bring back the old Sailor. GV Response: Thanks for your comment! We apologize for any issues you had with Sailor. Due to feedback from our customers we met with our manufacturers to address these issues. At the same time we also decided to add back in the firm inner core model so that customers could choose which they preferred. We Hope you.ll give Sailor another chance!

Works For This Gay Man - Helps With ED to Boot - December 26, 2013
Reviewed By: Bulldoglvr

I should caveat this review by saying I'm a Gay man, mid fifties and my partner of 26 years and husband of two years our doing or best to deal with my ED (Erectile Dysfunction) a consequence of health issues. You know the saying "use it or loose it" what happens at least in my case is the cock and balls constrict instead of the hang and swing I used to have - the aesthetic and feel are gone. It's fair to say this effects confidence and an overall feeling of well being. I had never even heard of Packers but they were recommended to me by a dear friend whose a FTM person.

All this netted out, I dove into research and have ended up with the Sailor 2. My package is back (at least in my mind) and the feel is realistic for the occasional grope. What I've found as my spouse fondles the packer through either a pair of jeans or a pair of Spare Parts square cut briefs or jock strap (great products!) my own cock responds.

I have no experience with the earlier version. But I would say value is all relative. if I had paid $800 bucks for a cock made by Magik - waited six months for it and wasn't pleased - owchie. That would be a very hard (pun intended) pill to swallow. From my perspective at less than thirty bucks these are a steal. I like them so much I've purchased two more. I would say to any Guy whose dealing with similar issues as I am or simply wants a bigger basket don't think twice about buying one of these as you're bound to be happy you did.

Inferior product - November 28, 2013
Reviewed By: diklss

I wish i could submit i picture... I have 2- an older one i bought in '10 and a newer one i purchased about 3 months ago.

The newer version of the Sailor Soft Pack is just plain bad quality. The balls were a little bigger so that was a small plus but It's deteriorating VERY quickly and looks worse for the wear than the one i bought about 3 or 4 years ago (with a firm inner core). This new version is rubbing off and pealing everywhere. It's a mess so I'm using the old one again which i expect to hold up for a good deal longer.

I go to the gym with this, that's its primary purpose. It doesn't hold up anymore, not at all like it used to. I guess i'll either try something cheaper or go for something more expensive b/c the Sailor is no longer worth it even at $28.

Poor quality product - November 7, 2013
Reviewed By: eu

The appearance is satisfactory, but the material is terrible. After few months of use, there are rips everywhere and the back peels off.

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