LingO Vibrating Tongue Ring

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Phthalates-Free.Waterproof/Water-resistant toy or books.

Brand: Screaming O

You’ll be fluent in the language of lust with this waterproof vibrating tongue ring. Read More

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You’ll be fluent in the language of lust with this waterproof vibrating tongue ring designed to enhance oral activity. Made from soft, food-grade silicone, the super stretchy gel band fits tongues of all sizes, while the contoured shape and nubbies underneath help it stay put. A disposable mini-vibe with a battery life of over forty minutes of quiet vibration may leave you feeling tongue-tied. If so, slip it on a finger instead!

LingO Vibrating Tongue Ring
Translucent purple elastomer
Stretches up to 2"
Volume: 1; Intensity: 1

Care and Cleaning


“The versatility of the LingO was pretty impressive for being so small… I have to give this toy a very positive thumbs up.”

“The LingO was fantastic: not necessarily for the strength of the vibe or even the idea of what this product is supposed to be used for. It was fantastic because it was fun.”
– June Valentine from CARNAL NATION

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Brand: Screaming O

Warranty: 30 Days


  • Disposable
  • Waterproof

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Not perfect, but pretty good - January 9, 2013
Reviewed By: vixin

Not gonna lie, it's pretty fun. But as a "tongue ring" it doesn't work well -- it's fantastic on fingers, but good luck getting it to stay on your tongue. The battery only lasted thirty minutes on the outside (at least the one we bought, maybe it was old or something), which is fine for a disposable sex toy, but we didn't realize until we got home that you could not replace the battery and it was a one-use kinda thing. Which is fine, it was certainly priced as a disposable toy so I'm not really complaining, but that could have been made a bit more clear on the packaging.

I'd like to rate it three stars, because it doesn't work well as a tongue ring, but we had so much fun using it with our fingers I'll give it four anyway. Thanks, LingO!

unexpectedly fun - April 5, 2011
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

The (disposable) Lingo Vibrating Tongue Ring was absolutely fun--and hysterical. I never knew that any toy companies would ever think to invent such a thing, but I'm sure glad that they did. As you can imagine, the tongue ring can be used for a wide variety of things, from fellatio to cunnilingus, to wrapping it over your finger and pleasuring yourself for a while, too.

--from our reviewer, Rhiannon

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