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Oral Play Basics

By: Educator Andy Duran

Time for Feasting on the Flesh 👄

oral sex

Soft tongues sliding, the torturous tease of teeth grazing across the neck and chest; mouths are capable of magic when used right. And much like in their daily duties with food, things are more satisfying for our mouths when we crave them first. Being thirsty is cute and all but hunger is when things get real. Do you have an appetite for oral?

Oral sex is a pleasure to the senses and can be for both the giver and the receiver. One of the reasons kissing feels sooooo good is because of all the sensations our mouths can experience. A nibble over the nerve-rich lips or a quick flick of a wet tongue has the power to make a person tremble. After all, the tongue is a pleasure organ too! That’s why oral can be a joy to perform once you get to know the lay of the land.

🍆 Putting the “job” in blow job:

Sucking cock is so much more than meets the eye. The common misconception about pleasuring the peen is that folks assume you have to take it down the throat deeply in order to provide them with the most sensation. While swallowing your partner’s sword can definitely be sexy and stimulating, it’s not the only way to curl their toes. Using a lubed-up stroker is a simple way to work the base of their shaft, leaving the most sensitive part of the penis, the head, free for all your mouthwatering delights. A vibrating ring is also a nice way to add extra stimulation for the wearer too. 

👅 Pussy pleasing like a pro:

It’s one thing to eat, but it’s another to devour with desire. Much like the penis, the vulva’s most sensitive location will be the head of the clitoris. Each clit likes to be flicked and sucked differently so be sure to check in so you’re giving them exactly what they like. Tongue vibes can also be worn for a little extra sensation, or tag-teaming with a small bullet vibe when your tongue needs a break or wants to explore elsewhere is a must. Makes it easier to stay for seconds!

One of the biggest tips to enhancing oral is to be sure to continue to touch the rest of the body. Nearby you have the testes, labia, and even a nice ass to caress. Or you could go deeper with some internal play and slide inside them vaginally or anally. The nipples can often still be reached but adding clips with a chain gives for a nice place to reach up and pull on to stir up the rest of the body. And like with most play, adding a blindfold and holding your partner's hands down or using restraints can intensify the sensation of being taken, and ravished.

We recently shared some great info on the art of eating ass, so make sure to save room for dessert if you like cake 😉.

Just because you plan to play safely doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun! Arching your boo’s back in ecstasy can absolutely still be done through the thin layer of latex, or non-latex if you’re allergic. Dental dams, plastic wrap, and condoms all work nicely for when you’re looking to spread thighs but not STIs.

Flavored lube can be a wonderful addition to oral play, and no, not to mask the taste of the body. We’re firm believers here that our genitals do not need to smell like roses or taste like strawberries in order to be savored. Sampling the intoxicating flavors of our lovers can be an incredibly rewarding and intimate act, and for some, adding a flavored lube can help with focusing less on technique, and more on the task at hand; Lick it up, baby! Not to mention, if you are using a barrier for safety, the flavor might offer more to enjoy licking than the taste of the condom alone.

So, whether you’re looking for a quick bite, a light snack, or a whole meal, we wanted to remind you that food doesn’t have to be the only thing you look forward to putting in your mouth 😏.

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