Vibrating Dilator Set

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Phthalates-Free.Waterproof/Water-resistant toy or books.

Brand: Cal Exotics

This vibe is four vibes in one (think: Russian Nesting Dolls!). Designed to help with dilation, this Read More

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This vibe is four vibes in one (think: Russian Nesting Dolls!). Designed to help with dilation, this vibe is great for those who may have medical reasons for wanting a versatile toy with graduating sizes. What’s different about this dilator is that it offers powerful multi-speed vibrations, adding more pleasure to the mix. With interchangeable, interlocking sizes, this hard plastic vibe is comfortable and smooth to insert.

Vibrating Dilator Set
Lavender hard plastic
Set includes four sizes (3 ½” x 7/8”, 4 ¼” x 1”, 5 ½” x 1 ¼”, 6 ¼” x 1 ½”) and one silicone-blend sleeve that fits the smaller sizes
Takes two AA batteries (not included)
Volume: 3; Intensity:3

Care and Cleaning

Brand: Cal Exotics

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Customer Reviews
easy to use - May 9, 2011
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

In use, the dilator set is rather perfect in its simplicity. The sizes are very gradual and fit snugly into each other, and though the vibrations do get a bit weaker the more attachments are placed on it, they're fairly strong. The one thing I can't recommend enough, though, is to make sure you have enough lube to reapply between sizes, because oftentimes, what's in you already won't quite be enough to handle the extra quarter-inch of width. Also, for heaven's sake, don't forget to clean it when you're done.

I've heard some people have used this dilator set as a way to warm up anally, and I am going to second this notion under two conditions: first, that you put a condom on it when you do, and second, that you only go up to the second attachment, because the third one makes it not have a flared base, anymore, and that can turn into a really awkward night in the emergency room. Take it from a nurse: even if we don't use your name, we will talk about you.

--from our reviewer, Flying Solo Reviews

a great warm-up! - February 14, 2011
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

The vibrations are fairly strong, not too noisy, and can be adjusted to a range of sensations between super low to powerful. The vibes are not too high pitched at all, somewhere between rumbly and low and high and buzzy. They are a nice in between quality of vibrations.

The different sizes all in one toy make this vibe set distinct. I really liked having the variety to warm up with. The biggest size is nice and filling, but not too big, making it perfect for warm up for large toys.

Another interesting thing I found to do with the Dilator Set is this...I have several dildos with hollow bases for inserting a bullet vibe, and the smallest sized dilator fits in these slots! Using a drop or two of water based lube is helpful for when you want to get it back out. So then I have this vibrating, silicone dildo with a handle. The best part is the handle, really. Sometimes my pussy likes internal vibes- sometimes not. But it (my pussy) always loves dildos with handles! I think this is one of my favorite applications for this set. Overall the handle is a nice, functional feature and is long enough to hold onto during use, partnered or solo.

From our reviewer, Venus Toy

great for anal! - July 27, 2010
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

To clean your Vibrating Dilator Set just use What I have to say from my personal experience with this toy: the small shaft equates a bullet so nice for clitoral and as far as vaginal penetration I like it big so largest shaft for me it is. BUT, as I said before, you can easily take this toys into a BDSM scene too. Know what it is great for too? Anal dilation! It is the perfect tool to have your bottom get used to anal play if they are starting and zero experience. Just make sure to use a condom every time if you take this toy through the back door.

from our reviewer, Lady Evyl

Get your ass ready - October 25, 2008
Reviewed By: IllGiveItATry

Playing with this toy is an end in itself, but I purchased it to solve two problems.

First, my fiancee loves fucking me with our Feeldoe, but it used to take us a good deal of time to work it into me because of the size and irregular shape. Second, my fiancee's ass is a wee-bit petite for my cock - definitely smaller than previous girlfriends.
And in either case, by the time we were comfortably inside, the one on the receiving end could be a little on the raw side already from the insertion ordeal.

As for the first problem, now I just lube up each size of the dilator, slip it in, and move up to the next one until I'm at the biggest size. I'm pretty experienced, so the smallest is as small as I need. I can do these switch offs quite quickly. The biggest size is large to be sure, but by the time I get to it I'm more than prepared, and in as little as 90 or so seconds, I'm ready to bend over. It's unbelievable - now that I'm all dilated, my fiancee can slip her purple silicone cock into me as easy as a lubed-up index finger.

When it comes time to return the favor, I use a finger first, and don't use the largest dilator attachment. I take more time preparing her than we take to prepare me. After that I slip right past her sphincters so comfortably that it seems downright natural.

Bottom line - this vibrator set has changed our lives.

Conceptually good idea, actuality is ok - July 10, 2008
Reviewed By: RA0115

This vibrator is a really good idea in concept, but I wish it was smaller. I bought it because I wasn't sure what size vibrator to buy if I actually wanted to use it for penetration so this seemed like the ideal compromise. However, the smallest size is bigger than you'd want for your first time doing this, and the largest two sizes are just ridiculously big and I will never ever use them.

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