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Trans Femme Faves!

By: Educator Andy Duran

This one's for the dolls!


More often than not, when it comes to making and selling toys for women, trans women are often ignored completely, and many of them are forced to shop in sections of toys designed for men. This needs to change. 

TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN, and the toy industry needs to reflect that. So we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the toys, new and old, that have been fan favorites for the girls.

With that being said, it's important to note that there is no one way to be trans. There is no one way to have a trans body. Gender is deeply personal and is affected by so many intersections that curate our identity and our experiences within them. From the way our bodies look, to the language we use for them, to the people we choose to share our bodies with if we decide to do so. However you express yourself and experience pleasure is valid, and we at Good Vibes are here for you.

Vibration Station

One of the best things about vibration is that it feels amazing on all parts of the body! From our gennies to our neck and shoulders. Toys like the Magic Wand offers deep, rumbly vibration that feels amazing over front bits, pre/post/and non-op alike! Or if you prefer something more pinpointed to trace around your sensitive zones, a bullet style vibe like the We-Vibe Tango offers just the right shape to do so.

Don't forget the nips!

Nipple and breast play can be incredibly affirming for trans women. If you're looking for a way to add a little hands-free nipple stimulation and a little bit of bling, the Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps are a fun and flirty option. 

New vulva, who dis?

For those with neo vaginas, you likely already know the importance of dilation. But if you're tired of using that old medical device you can absolutely opt for a more pleasurable dilator set that offers a range of sizes, some even vibrate! Dildos of various sizes also can offer the same results too if you rather create your own set.

Back door basics

Time to get a little anal! Afterall, this is the best way to reach her g-spot. An anal safe dildo with a nice curve like the Pure Wand perfectly pinpoints the prostate and offers a smooth and hefty pressure with little movement. Plugs provide a more stationary feeling of fullness and this cute little Bunny Tail Plug from Crystal Delights does so with style! Just be sure not to forget the lube! In fact, lube shooters can be incredibly helpful for any penetration, anal or vaginally, when looking for a way to add more moisture in advance. 

Looking to explore more?

Kink and BDSM can be a wonderful way to explore sensation play, power dynamics, and erotic fantasies, not to mention some reeeeally cute fasionable looks. You can check out our recent blog post on BDSM here to find more on those topics. And for a fuller selection of favorites including harnesses, dildos, and more be sure to check out the highlighted toys below. 

Your body is worthy

As trans people, we often have to wear a thick layer of armor when we go out into the world to protect us from the mental, emotional, and physical threats that come our way. But it's important for us to remember how to peel those layers of protection off when we can, and take some time to boldly celebrate our lives, our bodies, and each other. 

Here's to finding more ways to feel pleasure and joy within ourselves!