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Bullet & Egg Style


Discover our varied selection of bullet vibrators, crafted to deliver discreet pleasure through targeted stimulation. Whether you are looking for a toy that can provide relief from a stressful day when alone or want to try something different to spark new life into a relationship, a bullet vibrator can help.

Powerful, compact and versatile, bullet sex toys can be used alone or paired with other adult toys for extra sensations. Shop online to find your perfect fit and enjoy discreet shipping.

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What is a Bullet Vibrator?

Bullet vibrators, as the name suggests, are small, hand-held vibrators most often shaped like a bullet. These tiny but mighty pleasure machines are well-known for pin-point stimulation. A bullet vibrator is compact and can be discreetly taken anywhere.

The classic shape - a small body with a well-rounded curved tip - is precisely made for versatility. Creating and allowing the user to explore vibration patterns across a particular region for intense simulation is a bullet vibrator's X-factor.

Although they also come in various shapes and sizes beyond the typical small pill-shaped 'bullet', these vibrators are discreetly designed, making them suitable for solo play or an exciting couple's night. Their compact nature can add an extra layer of pleasure during intense sexual adventures, and they're always travel-ready.

A powerful bullet usually has one motor, and may have a few discreet controls or one simple button to channel through it's modes and allow users to customize the vibration settings and intensity levels according to their preferences. A rechargeable bullet often features a broader range of intensities than it?s battery-operated counterparts, since the motor is often more refined.

Typically, users can choose between gentle, yet exciting, vibrations and rumbly vibrations, each that can be great to add to different sex games.

Enjoy Precise Stimulation & Pin-Pointed Vibrations

Equipped with a small but often powerful motor, bullet vibrators are discreet, quiet and safe.  While the most popular options feature rounded tips with slim bodies covered in soft silicone, other materials are also very common, such as body-safe compounds of metal or plastic ? making bullet vibes a favorite of sex toy experts and enthusiasts across the globe. But the versatility of the materials is not the only thing going for a bullet vibrator.

Here are the top reasons why millions of users across the globe prefer bullet vibrators:

  • Compact & Discreet: Hide it in plain sight or conceal your vibrator for its kinky secret. Bullet vibrators are compact, with many discreet options available ? even some, like a lipstick vibrator or necklace vibrator, that look nothing like a sex toy! Their unique, concentrated design lets you put them in your pocket or store them in a bag to be ready for a night out. Bullet vibes are a great option to ensure that your pursuit of sexual pleasure is no one else's business.
  • Great for Travel: According to sex experts, bullet vibrators are the most travel-friendly sex toys. These battery-operated or USB rechargeable mini toys are easy to store, and the small motor won?t cause a fuss when going through TSA. Some bullet vibrators even feature a travel lock so you don?t have to worry about buzzing luggage.
  • Solo or Couples: For a long time, it was thought that sex toys like bullets were only used for masturbation, but really, any toy can be an exciting addition to a relationship or partner play - with bullets being no exception. Their discreet shape, tapered tip and vibration patterns make them perfect for external stimulation on any body, and the fun they provide during sex games can also be a truly orgasmic experience. 
  • Beginner-Friendly: The ergonomic design of bullet sex toys makes them one of the most beginner-friendly options. However, being beginner-friendly does not mean compromising the quality. Our products can still pack strong vibrations regardless of their size. For instance, a bullet with multiple speeds and settings, despite its unique compactness, is great for first-timers to explore. 
  • Versatile & Multispeed: The possibilities of pleasures are endless with a discreet vibrator. A waterproof rechargeable silicone bullet can deliver intense pleasure whenever you're ready - even in the bathroom, where you can take it to the bath or shower. Start slow and gentle, switch to medium vibration power to level up the intensity, or go all-in with the highest settings. And if you're feeling particularly adventurous, change up the vibration mode throughout your session for unparalleled pleasure.

How to Use a Bullet Vibe: Gender-Neutral Designs, Wireless Remote Control Options, Body-Safe Silicone, Stainless Steel & Other Materials

Bullet vibrators are extremely diverse - there are luxury bullet vibrators that have a variety of settings and features such as app-compatible toys and wireless remote options, to classic bullet vibes that keep it simple for those that are just getting started or that enjoy keeping it low-key. 

Bullet vibrators may have a basic design, but that doesn't mean that you have to keep your play basic. Of course, bullets are great for external play, using it on the head of the clit or against the clitoral hood - but don't limit yourself there. Want to know what other sensual ways you can try to level up your sexual pleasure with a mini bullet? Check our easy expert tips:

Use your powerful bullet on other body parts, too.  From collarbones to nipples to the genitals and other sensitive areas like the perineum and thighs, every erogenous zone can get that kick of pleasure and sensation when you tease and touch it softly with the angled tip.

Don't limit yourself to the tip for precise pleasure. Though many users only put the bullet vibrator on the tip, turn it on, have an intense session and call it a day, some sex experts suggest placing the bullet horizontally on the broader area of the genitals, allowing the vibration to travel along a broader surface area for diffused sensation. Explore the different ways you can hold and angle your toy to find what feels best for you.

And, as with any sex toy, don't forget the lube. It will make the experience much more sensational.

Bullet Vibrators FAQs

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