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Lots of men are discovering that there are plenty of sex toys for them! Our sleeves are a fun way to add a little extra sensation during solo sex and they can be used with a partner, too. And don't forget to check out our ever-popular prostate toys.

The prostate has been called the "male G-spot" for a reason -- it's super sensitive to massage and vibrations, and these products make it easy to enjoy a little P-spot action. Cock rings create a sensation of pressure or fullness that can really add to your arousal. Or try a butt plug for a little extra pleasure, on its own, during solo sex, or sex with a partner.

  • Sleeves work better with lube. Try silicone lube for long-lasting slippery fun.
  • Speaking of lube, you'll definitely need some for prostate play. And be sure to check out our Prostate How To Articles for all the info you need on getting started.
  • Cock rings can be lots of fun. Start off with a ring you can easily take off. Snap rings can be removed more quickly than solid rings. If you've never used one before, check out our Cock Rings & Penis Pumps How To Articles.