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Flirting with Squirting 💦
By: Good Vibrations - 03/25/2021
You are now entering the splash zone. Grab your towels and prepare to get soaked! We're talking about squirting, sometimes referred to as “female” ejaculation (though no need to gender it).
Women's History Month: Vibrator Nation Edition
By: Good Vibrations - 03/19/2021
It’s probably a coincidence that Good Vibrations launched during Women’s History Month—back in 1977
Make It Hurt So Good!
By: Good Vibrations - 03/12/2021
Welcome back for part 2 of our Beginner BDSM. This time, we’re making an impact!
The ABCs of BDSM
By: Good Vibrations - 03/06/2021
Hundreds of folks attended our recent “Intro to BDSM” virtual class, and it was so well received that we thought it was time to send out some resources for those who missed it.
Just right! Vibin' light
By: Good Vibrations - 02/26/2021
We hear it a lot: customers overwhelmed with all the choices ask, “Why are there SOOO many vibrators?”
Gimme the strongest ya got! 💪
By: Good Vibrations - 02/19/2021
This one goes out to all the lovers of sweet deep vibration 🤤. You know who you are.
Get what you REALLY want!
By: Good Vibrations - 02/11/2021
So You Got (or Gave) a Valentine’s Day Gift Card! Here’s How to Make it Personal
The 5 Love Languages of Sex Toys
By: Good Vibrations - 02/04/2021
By this point you've probably heard of the term "love languages" and maybe you can even remember all 5 of them!
Can you FEEL me now? Good!
By: Good Vibrations - 01/21/2021
Did you know you can power a vibrator from your phone? It’s true!
The Results Are In On Going Down!
By: Good Vibrations - 01/15/2021
Our customers love oral sex! Whether it’s a workshop on oral techniques or a tell-all survey, lickable love is always a favorite way to go (down).