Sex Tips & Tricks

Growing a moustache this Movember?
By: Good Vibrations - 11/06/2020
If your Zoom meetings are suddenly full of fuzzy faces, we must be on the cusp of Movember!
Take a Deep Breath
By: Good Vibrations - 11/03/2020
The phones have stopped ringing, and the emails and texts from politicians have ended. The 2020 US Presidential Election has come to a close. Have you taken a breath yet?
Welcome the Passion this Scorpio Season ♏
By: Good Vibrations - 10/27/2020
Despite not actually being a fire sign- Scorpio season still brings a lot of intensity and heat, perfect for keeping things sizzling as we begin to move into the winter season.
Welcome to Libra Season ♎
By: Good Vibrations - 09/22/2020
Find your balance this fall with Libra energy.
WAP Realness - The Truth About Wetness
By: Good Vibrations - 09/05/2020
If you’re anything like us, you’ve been blasting WAP on repeat since it dropped. Though it’s a banger for sure, there’s been a lot of controversy over the lyrics, particularly whether or not it’s “healthy” to have a Dasani punani.
Let’s Get Visual! Porn 101
By: Good Vibrations - 09/01/2020
Binged all your favorite shows already? Well Netflix isn’t the only place where you can find visual entertainment...😉 Here’s our advice on the fun content you won’t find in a listicle.
Vir-go Get It! ♍
By: Good Vibrations - 08/25/2020
Bring in Virgo season with some well-planned pleasure.
Explore Pegging Pleasures
By: Good Vibrations - 08/12/2020
When Dr. Carol Queen made the 1998 instant classic sex ed porn, Bend Over Boyfriend
The Peak of Pleasure
By: Good Vibrations - 08/07/2020
Prostate play is always a popular topic with our customers! Especially since regular stimulation of it can provide a two-for one, offering tons of pleasure—and it can be good for prostate health!
Break Out Your Roar this Leo Season ♌
By: Good Vibrations - 07/17/2020
Ruled by the sun, Leo energy can literally ‘light up’ a room. And with their flair for the dramatic and exuberant personalities