Can you FEEL me now? Good!
By: Good Vibrations - 01/21/2021
Did you know you can power a vibrator from your phone? It’s true!
The Results Are In On Going Down!
By: Good Vibrations - 01/15/2021
Our customers love oral sex! Whether it’s a workshop on oral techniques or a tell-all survey, lickable love is always a favorite way to go (down).
Flip that Peach! 🍑
By: Good Vibrations - 01/08/2021
No, not that peach! We thought we'd take a minute to talk about pegging!
Come (into 2021) as you are!
By: Good Vibrations - 01/03/2021
Well here we are in the first week of 2021, and if you've ever signed up for a mailing list, chances are your inbox is being flooded with "resolution"-based messages of "new year- new you." Well not this email.
It's almost over!
By: Good Vibrations - 12/26/2020
FAREWELL, 2020... You challenging, tough, overwhelming year. It's not working out--it's time to break up!
Give the Gift [Card] of Pleasure!
By: Good Vibrations - 12/22/2020
Shopping advice from Dr. Carol Queen
Why Give the Gift of Pleasure?
By: Good Vibrations - 12/10/2020
Really, why not? Here’s what we think...
Holiday Shopping!
By: Good Vibrations - 11/24/2020
Our resident Sex Toy Santa, Educator Andy, is back to go over some of the newest and truest gifts that keep giving.
Trans Awareness Week ⚧️
By: Good Vibrations - 11/20/2020
This year marks the 21st annual Trans Day of Remembrance
Oral Sex Tips!
By: Good Vibrations - 11/14/2020
Educator Andy and friends are back at it again to give their best oral presentation on tongue teasing! Whether you're looking for more on blow jobs, cunnilingus, or eating the booty like groceries, we've got you covered.