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Feasting on Flesh đź‘„
By: Good Vibrations - 10/08/2021
Soft tongues sliding, the torturous tease of teeth grazing across the neck and chest; mouths are capable of magic when used right.
More Scary Sex Myths to Keep You Up at Night
By: Good Vibrations - 10/01/2021
It's that time of the year again when the thing that haunts sex educators is very much alive...
Banned Books Week 2021
By: Good Vibrations - 09/24/2021
Sex and gender are not the only themes or content that can get a book banned. Many issues are culturally fraught and may make people uncomfortable.
Awareness Is Life--National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
By: Good Vibrations - 09/16/2021
I still remember where I was when I learned about AIDS. My gay friend Charles told me about it as we were driving down the street in Eugene, Oregon.
Bitter As Gall: Texas Tackles Freedom of Choice
By: Good Vibrations - 09/10/2021
Good Vibrations has been a feminist business from the very beginning—founded by Joani Blank to create a comfortable space where it was easy for women to find out about sexual health and pleasure and shop for products that facilitated these things.
Two Secret Sex Hacks!
By: Good Vibrations - 09/02/2021
Very recently a group of the late, great Betty Dodson’s friends gathered online to celebrate her on what would have been her 92nd birthday.
Feeling Too Tight?
By: Good Vibrations - 08/28/2021
When penetration is painful
Eat Their Heart Out!
By: Good Vibrations - 08/26/2021
Rimming--aka analingus aka “tossing the salad” aka “eating cake”—is the act of orally pleasing the anus, which can be a super intimate and pleasurable sensation.
Between the sheets... and cheeks
By: Good Vibrations - 08/12/2021
Filling up your Anal August with more booty basics!
Top Toys for the Bottom
By: Good Vibrations - 08/04/2021
Welcome in, anal enthusiasts! Today, we’re here to open the (back) door to all of the wonderful tools to add to your treasure chest of booty for your booty!