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For Immediate Release

September 6th, 2013

Media Contact: Camilla Lombard
Events and Publicity Manager
(510) 380-8814 ext. 216

Good Vibrations Joins the Conversation at CatalystCon

Sex Positive Retailer Lends its Voice to Notable Sexuality Conference

SAN FRANCISCO (September 6th, 2013): From politics to culture to individual experience, sexuality is a major component of what it is to be human. Good Vibrations, the trusted San Francisco Bay Area based company that takes pride in providing accurate sexual health information and quality sex toys, will be prominent contributors to one of the most important sexuality conferences on the West coast, CatalystCon. Featuring presentations by sex educators, sexologists, sex workers, writers, activists, social commentators and adult industry leaders, CatalystCon explores the intersection of sexuality with culture, politics, education and activism in a three-day gathering starting September 27th.

Good Vibrations' Executive Vice President Jackie Strano will be co-presenting the Opening Keynote Plenary Address: Sparking Communication in Sexuality, Activism and Acceptance on September 27th and will explore the politics of sex and how they are debated in different communities. Former Surgeon General of the United States Dr. Joycelyn Elders will give the Closing Keynote Address and share her thoughts on the current state of sexual politics in the U.S. Famed for her suggestion that masturbation is a part of human sexuality and perhaps should be taught to young people, Dr. Elders is widely recognized as a catalyst in sex-positive thought and politics.

Strano adds-"I am honored to be part of such a critical and revolutionary sex positive think tank and to be invited to be part of the Opening Keynote Plenary Address. Sharing knowledge and experiences can be powerful and a force of good in such a negative world." @Jackie Strano

Jackie Strano will present another workshop in her capacity as an award-winning adult filmmaker: Lesbo Retro: A Dyke Porn Retrospective that will contextualize the creation of radical lesbian porn with stories, Q & A and a clip show that includes rare archival footage of lesbian and non-gender conforming sex scenes made by queer women in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000′s. Strano and her partner Shar Rednour will share behind-the-scenes details of history, economics, technical innovation, popular-culture, community expectations, and how they and other filmmakers influenced the making of these radical images leading to the Queer Porn genre of today.

Wondering what makes porn "feminist"? Strano will also participate on the panel Feminist Porn 101: What it is, What it isn't, and Why it Matters, and will be joined by
UNLV Professor Lynn Comella, legendary adult performer and activist Nina Hartley, and best-selling author, educator, and filmmaker, Tristan Taormino. This timely topic will explore the new prevalence of the term feminist porn, what it means, and its significance in relation to cultural hostility to both feminism and sexuality especially during third and fourth wave feminism and post lesbian sex wars eras. Besides her body of work including Bend Over Boyfriend and other cult classics, Strano is the Executive Producer of the feminist porn portal-

CatalystCon alum and Good Vibrations Staff Sexologist Dr. Carol Queen will also contribute to three different panels including The Feminist Sex Wars and Beyond: "Sisterhood" and Sex, Introduction to The Anatomy of Erotic Sensation, and What is Sex-Positivity? In 'Feminist Sex Wars' Queen will examine how feminism evolved with and around sexuality, and how it has been used divisively in the movement. The Anatomy of Erotic Sensation will take an academic and medical look at sexuality and how to frame contemporary research and trends. Finally, Carol Queen will define and explore the term "sex positivity" and discuss the possibilities and controversies associated with the term.

For more details about the conference visit:

Good Vibrations is the San Francisco-based retailer trusted for more than three decades to provide a comfortable, safe environment for finding sex-positive products and educational materials to enhance one's sex life. Good Vibrations offers products through its website, and retail stores in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland, CA and in Brookline, MA.