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Gilbert, c. 1933 Andis Vibrator, Model AV, c. 1934

"Gilbert", A.C. Gilbert Co., circa 1933

"Andis Vibrator", Andis Clipper Co., Model AV, circa 1934

Kwik Way, c. 1936 Electric Coronet Beauty Patter, c. 1940

"Kwik Way", Kwikway Co., circa 1936

"The Electric Coronet Beauty Patter", Coronet, circa 1940

Therm Massage, c. 1940 Therm Massage (detail)

"Therm Massage", Silbert & Co., circa 1940


Vibrosage, c. 1944 Vibrosage (detail)

"Vibrosage", Beauty Appliance Corp., circa 1944


Deluxe Scientific Massage Modality, c. 1948 Miracle Ball Grip Massager, c. 1950

"Deluxe Scientific Massage Modality", Model M-1, John Oster Manufacturing, circa 1948

"Miracle Ball Grip Massager", Miracle Electric Co., circa 1950

Handy Hannah Electric Vibrator, c. 1950 Universal Model G1UV-7, c. 1950

"Handy Hannah Electric Vibrator", Standard Products Corp., circa 1950

"Universal", Model G1UV-7, General Electric, circa 1950

All photos by Violet Blue.