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Incredible Health Benefits to Masturbation
By: Carol Queen, PhD - 04/19/2024
Your self care regimen just got a bit more fun. Incorporate some masturbation between your skincare and exercise workout to maintain a balanced mental and physical lifestyle. (Plus it’s pleasurable! What do you have to lose?)
Mutual Masturbation: What It Is and Tips to Try
By: Carol Queen, PhD - 04/17/2024
Masturbation is all about self-loving, but who says you can’t have a hand in someone else’s pleasure at the same time? Learn exactly what mutual masturbation is and learn some tips on how to simultaneously please your partner too.
Hanky Spanky: Top Impact Tools
By: Good Vibrations - 04/16/2024
Make an impact in the bedroom with our expert-curated list of the top 7 spanking toys and tools to level up your impact play game.
Butt Plugs: What They Are For and How to Use Them
By: Carol Queen, PhD - 04/02/2024
Explore the benefits of using butt plugs and get tips from Sexologist Carol Queen, PhD on how to incorporate them into your sex life.
Top 9 Next-Level Anal Play Toys
By: Good Vibrations - 03/23/2024
Ready to level up your back-door play? We've got 9 expert-picked toys for anal exploration and booty bliss.
How to Masturbate If You Have a Vulva
By: Gigi Engle - 03/23/2024
A complete guide to new and innovative ways to find pleasure with yourself.
Self-Care is Radical
By: Good Vibrations - 03/20/2024
Taking care of yourself is an essential act.
Choosing the Right Penis Ring: A guide to selecting and using this popular sex toy
By: Carol Queen, PhD - 02/21/2024
People use cock rings (also known as penis rings or c-rings) for a variety of reasons from enhanced partner play to stronger erections and more - here’s our guide to finding - and using - the perfect ring for you!
How often do couples have sex?
By: Sara Youngblood Gregory - 02/20/2024
There are so many expectations about how relationships “should” look, especially when it comes to frequency - so, how often are couples having sex?
Best Sex Furniture + Positioning Pieces for 2024
By: Good Vibrations - 01/30/2024
Looking for a way to level up your sex life? No matter how you play - whether it’s solo, with a partner, or with a crowd - sex furniture can be an exciting new way to change up the dynamic of your scene.
Exploring the World of Dildos: Shapes, Sizes, and Materials
By: Good Vibrations - 01/25/2024
Delve into the world of dildos with your guide to everything from material, size and functionality of a sex toy favorite; the dildo.
8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sex Life
By: Carol Queen, PhD - 01/21/2024
Spice it up with 8 simple ways to improve your sex life. Discover new techniques and tips to enhance your intimacy and pleasure.