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8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sex Life
By: Carol Queen, PhD - 01/21/2024
Spice it up with 8 simple ways to improve your sex life. Discover new techniques and tips to enhance your intimacy and pleasure.
8 Ways Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life
By: Carol Queen, PhD - 12/29/2023
Unlock the secrets to a better sex life through exercise and experience the incredible benefits it can bring.
Bondage and BDSM: Sex Toys For If You're Interested in Kink - What to Look for And What to Avoid
By: Carol Queen, PhD - 11/17/2023
Discover a wide range of bondage and BDSM sex toys for women interested in exploring their kinkier side.
Perfect Prostate Play
By: Good Vibrations - 07/31/2023
Prostate play is always a popular topic with our customers! Especially since regular stimulation of it can provide a two-for one, offering tons of pleasure—and it can be good for prostate health!
The Pleasures of Pegging
By: Good Vibrations - 07/30/2023
Here are a few helpful tips for knocking on the back door, whether you’re looking for pegging pleasures or other anal exploration!
Licking the Rim
By: Educator Andy Duran - 07/30/2023
Rimming--aka analingus aka “tossing the salad” aka “eating cake”—is the act of orally pleasing the anus, which can be a super intimate and pleasurable sensation.
Backdoor Basics: Anal 101
By: Good Vibrations - 07/29/2023
As sex educators, we constantly get asked “do people really enjoy anal?” You bet your bottom dollar!
What Is Edging?
By: Lisa Finn - 07/07/2023
Edging – aka orgasm control, orgasm denial, or cusping – is the practice of stopping oneself from reaching orgasm right when you’re at the brink (or cusp, or edge) of hitting that climax.
Ready For Takeoff
By: Good Vibrations - 07/03/2023
Whether it’s a weekend getaway, trip for work, or off to see your bestie tie the knot, you’ve probably like many of us who’ve got some traveling coming up. But leaving home doesn't mean you have to leave behind all your comfort and pleasure
Best Summer Toys of 2023!
By: Good Vibrations - 06/30/2023
Summer is hot, and we're about to make it hotter. From our fave new vibrators to pool-friendly waterproof toys and more, this round-up of our top 12 sex toys of Summer 2023 hand-picked by our team of Sex Educators are sure to make a splash.
Is It Hot in Here Or Is It Just Menopause?
By: Carol Queen, PhD - 06/21/2023
Got ovaries? If you're noticing your mood, libido, and powers of concentration getting a little unstable, don't just blame it on the state of things—at least not entirely. You might be heading into perimenopause.
Keeping Cool While Getting Hot 🥵
By: Good Vibrations - 06/21/2023
High temps and heatwaves might leave you feeling like the last thing you wanna do is get sweaty with another person - or even alone