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While cleaning out before anal play may not be necessary, some people find that it makes them feel more comfortable. The Enema Bulb makes it easy to do, with a few simple steps:

  1. Wash the bulb out well before use. Fill the bulb most of the way with warm water. While you can use tap water, we suggest using filtered water since tap water has chlorine and other chemicals that may irritate you. It’s also best to use wrist-temperature water. If it’s too cold, it can cause cramps and if it’s too hot, it can be painful.
  2. Attach the nozzle of your choice. The larger one will release the water more quickly.
  3. Lubricate the nozzle with any of our lubricants. Generally, thicker ones work better. You may also want to add lubricant around the anus. For some, glycerin-containing lubricants will cause irritation and should be avoided; one element of this irritation, when the lube is used rectally, is to provoke bowel movement. So you can keep the rectum clean longer by avoiding glycerin-based brands.
  4. Most people prefer to lie on their backs or on their left sides when using an enema. You may need to experiment a bit to find the position that works best for you. If you lie down, place a towel on the floor, both to catch any water and to make it more comfortable. It is also possible to insert the nozzle while standing; sometimes people choose this method because it's quicker and they don't intend to have a complete enema, but rather just want to rinse out the rectum.
  5. Gently insert the nozzle. If you’re new to anal play, please read our tips to make it easier.
  6. Squeeze the bulb to release the water into the rectum. Be careful to not let go of the bulb since it can suck the water back into it.
  7. If there’s some water left in the bulb, don’t worry about it. Gently remove the nozzle and set the enema aside.
  8. You can hold the water in for a few minutes, if it’s comfortable. When you’re ready, release the water into the toilet. You can repeat a few times, if you prefer.
  9. When you’re done, be sure to wash the bulb and nozzle thoroughly and let them fully dry before putting them away.
  10. Since the rectum can trap some water, you may want to be near a bathroom for an hour or two. Moving and stretching can help move any remaining water.

If you use your enema frequently, you can use saline water by adding 1/4 tsp of non-iodized salt to 8 oz water (1.25 ml of salt to 240 ml water). If you want to fill the bulb with water, add a bit less than 1/2 tsp (2.25 ml) of salt. This doesn’t have to be exact, and a little less salt is better than a little too much. But for most purposes, warm filtered water is just fine.

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