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Be Adventurous


Sex will never be "same-old" when you're down to explore! Go above and beyond your wildest dreams and start turning your fantasies into reality with inspiration and step by step guides from our resident experts. We want you and your partners to have all the excitement your hearts (and parts) desire—and the resources to decide what you want to experience and how to do it safely and well. These topics may be common for many and might push the envelope for some--but that's okay! With so many ways to explore pleasure, we don’t all have to enjoy the same things to expand each of our sexual horizons.

Our Product Picks for the Adventurous

Now that you have the fundamentals of toy play under your belt, you can start exploring some of the more advanced and innovative products we carry. From bondage and kink gear, to anal plugs, to app-controlled penetration stations, check out toys designed for solo, partner, and even group play. They're ready to help you elevate your experience to new heights.