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Sex Position Furniture


Discover the most popular pieces of sex furniture from the world's most trusted brands.

These pillows and products are designed to provide support for a wide variety of positions for play. Discover sex swings with adjustable straps, bed restraint harnesses, luxurious leak-proof sheets, and comfortable positioning wedges.

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What is Sex Furniture?

"Erotic furniture, also known as sex furniture, is any form of furniture that is designed to act as an aid to sexual activity, either as a positioning tool or an aid to erotic bondage." (Wikipedia)

Sex furniture can help users live out their most desired sexual fantasies. While it's often used by couples, it can also be a good choice for solo play sessions.

One of the most popular and affordable types of erotic furniture are dense foam pillows that come in shapes of wedges. They can help position either partner for added body support and to elevate the legs and hips. This can be especially helpful for mobility support and accessibility needs during sexual activity.

Couples can also enjoy BDSM furniture, such as bed restraints, spanking benches, and sex swings. Soft and sexy throw blankets that have built-in leak-proof protection are a great addition to help keep your bedding dry from any fun fluids.

A Simple Buyer's Guide: Sex Pillows, Benches, and Blankets

Purchasing your first piece of sex furniture can be exciting. From sex pillows to sex swings, Liberator wedges and Esse chaise that give new possibilities for play.

Throw blankets are durable, soft, machine-washable, and their inner lining keeps bedding dry and spotless, perfect for squirters!

New Positions for Pleasure: We've Got Your Back!

Here are some of ways sex furniture can support you!

  • Comfortable access: Ramps and wedges can help with different sex positions, making access easier and more comfortable for both partners. It can also be suitable for lovers with height differences. Assistive furniture can accommodate people of all genders and sexual orientations.
  • New positions: Wedges, chaises, and mounts allow users to try new positions in a comfortable way, whether solo, with a toy, or with a partner. The dense foam holds more stability than the average pillow does.
  • Enhanced sensations: With the aid of positioning pillows, many users have been able to access pleasure zones they typically can?t find in other angles. This includes depth of penetration, and access to the prostate and G-spot.
  • Touch of kink: Some of the styles of products have built-in places for added restraints and exploring bondage. Swings, spreader bars, and spanking benches can be especially fun for the dungeon experience from the comfort of your own home.

Sex Furniture FAQs

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