Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration

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Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration

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  • Airpulse technology combined with vibration
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Up and down control buttons
  • New wider suction nozzle
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Add vibration to the pleasures of Airpulse pressure-wave suction with this easy-to-use external stimulator! This toy is fantastic for people who like lots of variety, with 11 different pressure wave levels that increase in intensity and 10 vibration functions. With so many lower settings to choose from, this is a match for those who appreciate low to medium intensities or who get overwhelmed by super-intense vibration and stimulation, Plus the vibrations and suction are independently controlled, so you can choose the vibration-only, or just suction, or a mix of both.

Suction technology means Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration can be used hands-free, depending on the intensity of suction and one's body shape. (The piece that connects with the body is one size, and will connect differently for different people. The head on this model is wider and larger; it can surround the clitoris more comfortably plus also allow for a greater variety of user body shapes and sizes. This is where the vibrations can be felt, too.) Even if you're not using it hands-free, it won’t need to be held in place the way most vibrators do--so it's a great choice for those who find it uncomfortable to grasp a toy firmly. Low movement and a streamlined shape make the handle easy to grip.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration is waterproof--you can use it under water! Clean with mild soap and water; use with water-based lubricant only (lube adds to the sensation you can enjoy, too).

10 year warranty.

Brand: Satisfyer

Product Details

Material: Silicone / ABS Plastic
Color: Rose Gold
Power Source: USB Rechargable
Length: 6.5 inches
Diameter: 2.5 inches
Intensity: 4/5
Volume: 3/5
Charge Time: 240 Minutes
Use Time: 120 Minutes


  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Low expectations - March 21, 2019
Reviewed By: femmefaerie

Pros: GREAT for on a budget, quiet, lots of speed variety, submergible, and seems to have a really long battery life! I loved how I didn't need to charge it after every use.
Cons: Well....although there are so many settings none of them are very strong, and takes a long time to find the exact speed you want. Also the head is a little too big; it is not very universal for clitoris sizes as the hole felt a little to small to fit around mine.
Overall, this would be a good first clitoral stimulator toy for someone on a budget. Not the strongest, but can do the job!

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