Pisces Horoscope Set

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Pisces Horoscope Set

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Pisces (The Fishes — February 19-March 20): A water sign ruled by Neptune, Pisceans are spiritual, passionate and sensitive.

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Pisces (The Fishes — February 19-March 20): A water sign ruled by Neptune, Pisceans are spiritual, passionate and sensitive. Your vibrant inner life and love of the erotic makes you a master of fantasy, and in partner sex, you love to dive deep into intimacy and emotion. Gemstone: Amethyst. The scent of the Sandalwood Warming Balm helps manage your emotions. When the mind is calm you can focus on the feeling and heightening natural sensations.

Explore astrology for unique insights about your personality and those of potential partners—and let this knowledge inform your embrace of your own eroticism too! These Horoscope by Bijoux Indiscrets kits are the perfect gift (for yourself or someone you cherish) to help explore the depths and starry heights of your spirit and sexual energy, whether you are learning about your best solo pleasures or going deep with a lover. Each lovely triangular box is embossed with constellations and includes an informational insert about the traits attributable to your sign; a gemstone necklace matching your sign’s energies and personality specifics; a grey battery-operated silicone finger vibe; and a .28oz tin of warming orgasm balm to intensify clitoral sensations, crafted with botanicals whose fragrance correlate to your Water, Air, Fire, or Earth signs. For external use only, this balm stimulates blood flow; its warming effect calls attention to the clitoris and your pleasure.

Grey silicone. Power up with three watch batteries (included). Clean with mild soap and water. One year warranty. 10 vibration settings. 2.5” x 1.25”.

Brand: Bijoux Indiscrets

Product Details

Material: Silicone
Power Source: Watch Battery
Warranty: 1 Year


  • Multi-speed

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Customer Reviews
Really good - November 5, 2018
Reviewed By: Thriving20

This is my first ever sex toy as I am trying to see what I like and dislike. Not going to lie, it took me a while to find the right spot but once I did it felt so good. I did notice that in order to turn it off you have to take out the lid but I�m quite pleased with the different options in terms of vibrations. The necklace is really pretty and I�d like to point out that i haven�t tried the balm yet

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