Renew Refreshing Powder

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Renew Refreshing Powder

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  • 100% talc-free powder
  • Maintain and refresh softskin products
  • Keep toys smooth, not sticky
  • Great for dildos
  • Made in the USA
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Fans of softskin products will love this 100% talc-free powder that maintains and refreshes these lifelike toys. Whether you go for Fleshlights or softskin packers, use Renew after you wash your items--FULLY air dry, then apply refreshing powder until the toy is coated with a thin layer. Then store the product and use as usual. Cornstarch-based and made in the USA.

Brand: Pleasure Works

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Customer Reviews
Keeps my cyberskin toys feeling soft - September 20, 2019
Reviewed By: CamiGV

This powder is great for keeping, packers/ strokers nice and soft. The powder is very thin in consistency which is great in maintaining the softness of a toy. Some cornstarch powders are kinda chunky like sand this powder is the opposite, it leaves toys feeling soft like butter. I would definitely recommend this powder

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