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Fun Factory wins again with the electrifying VOLTA, the latest vibe in Fun Factory’s German-engineered entourage! Its split-tipped design creates unique sensations that range from fluttery tapping to a percussive thump.

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Fun Factory wins again with the electrifying VOLTA, the latest vibe in Fun Factory’s German-engineered entourage! Its split-tipped design creates unique sensations that range from fluttery tapping to a percussive thump. VOLTA’s compact style is both powerful and versatile – use it to stimulate the nipples, or as a handy BJ helper by positioning the shaft between VOLTA’s tips and using VOLTA as a stroker. Try positioning the tips in different places—on either side of the clit, against the hood, with one tip against the vaginal opening, around the labia—and find your favorite way to vibe with the VOLTA. Fully submersible waterproof, with six levels of vibration as well as six vibration patterns, all with Fun Factory’s trademark deep rumbly vibration. The VOLTA’s loop handle makes it easy to hold your toy even when your hands are covered in lube, and the positioning of the raised buttons makes it easy to try a new speed or vibration pattern without interrupting the action. VOLTA charges via a magnetic USB charging cable – a full charge offers 45 minutes of amplified sensations on the highest setting. With endless possibilities for creative stimulation, you’re certain to get a big charge out of VOLTA!

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Brand: Fun Factory

Product Details

Material: Silicone
Color: Pink or Blue or Black
Intensity: 4/5
Volume: 2/5
Warranty: 2 Year


  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Holy $#!+ - September 10, 2019
Reviewed By: Jezebel

I was so ready to be dissappointed..

1. I don't usually find flutter tips strong enough AND I prefer pressure.
2. I don't usually like to thick silicone cos it grips.

But I was so... WRONG.

This toy is POWERFUL. The thickness of the silicone actually gives the flutter tips quite a bit of heft to it.. and the motor is wild powerful. The silicone is thick but soft.. and depending on where you place it on the body you can get a nice rumbly pressure if you put the base of the toy against the clitoris, or more of a buzzy flick if you just do the tips.

Either way - wicked powerful, waterproof and a magnetic charge... This is one of my new go to toys.

WOW. - March 21, 2019
Reviewed By: femmefaerie

Honestly when I received this toy, I had no idea what to expect. It's amazing! Despite the odd look, it does the job. GREAT for clitoral/vulva stim, the double tongue flicker motion is so unique and such a sensation. Very easy to reach a clitoral orgasm. Surprisingly also a great couples toy! Great for shaft stimulation and adds to the whole giving head experience. Can also fit easily in between a couple, due to the G5 handle. The charge time lasts forever too, which is super convenient. Also, it's waterproof!??!? Amazing. The orange color is off putting but super easy to find in a basket full of toys.

Great design, wasn't for me - March 19, 2019
Reviewed By: snaaily

I loved the design of the toy but the fluttering sensation just wasn't for me. My partner however, loves the toy! I find it more enjoyable to use it on a penis vs. a vulva. Great to use for teasing!!

I came! - March 15, 2019
Reviewed By: MyToyStory

I have a hard time reaching orgasm and I was able to do so with this fluttery friend. I have only orgasmed with 4 toys in my entire life (I own about 30 no joke) and with some internal stimulation (with another toy), it was pretty intense. Pressing on the side of my clitoris was phenomenal.

Well Built but Not My Kind of Toy - September 22, 2018
Reviewed By: N

I wanted a Fun Factory toy because I was impressed by them after doing some research. I like trying new things but this toy turned out to not be for me. Personally, I did not like the flickering (but at least it helped me learn that that's something I don't really care for). The handle is nice and comfortable, and the toy is easy to control (which is nice because some of these toys confuse me). Material felt a little grainy but after reading more about it, that's just the silicone texture because of how it's molded. Not a fan of the orange-red-neon color.

Multiple use vibrator! - September 7, 2018
Reviewed By: CamiGV

First off the Volta has an interesting shape to it which makes it really great for external stimulation. The tips flicker back and forth in a variety of intensities varying from a light tapping to a strong vibration. Add a little bit of lubricant to this toy and it becomes a penis stroker and can feel really nice stroking along the frenulum of the penis. I found that this toy works very well during sex to give vibrations to the penis during penetration as well as to the clitoris if placed right. This toy makes an excellent couples toy. It's also a great toy for someone who enjoys lots of nipple stimulation. The handle makes it very easy to hold onto and I adore the travel lock feature!!!

Love at first tickle! - February 19, 2018
Reviewed By: Cherokee

Highly recommended!! The tips tickle me in all the right places. This vibe is hella strong too. GET. IT.

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